Americans Banned From Europe Ebola

While America imports Ebola and spreads the highly contagious disease to its citizens, European, and other airlines have blocked flights from country’s who have Ebola outbreaks. The United States only needs a few more outbreaks and they to will be banned from flying to other countries.

Currently Belize has banned a cruise ship from Galveston Texas from docking at port because a health care worker who handled Ebola case number zero in Texas is reported to be showing symptoms of Ebola according to Belize news. They also report the healthcare worker and her husband are in self isolation in their cabin. Belize Government officials at this time will not let the possible Ebola victims off the ship, and taken to the airport. Belize officials stated they will protect their citizens at all costs.

Will Americans Be banned From Traveling Ebola

With many central American and European airlines banning flights from countries with Ebola outbreaks, will Americans be banned from traveling to other countries?
Belize just banned a cruise ship from docking in Belize, fears of an American healthcare worker who possibly was exposed to Ebola In Texas is in self isolation along with her husband on the cruise ship.