Millions Lose Health Insurance For Not Paying For Birth Control

Millions of people lose health care insurance for not paying for birth control.
Millions of people must pay for health care plans that they don’t want or use.

People who had health care plans are being dropped because the health plan they had did not include
paying for birth control, even though your a women who is 50 years old.
Obama care requires every health plan to cover birth control even if you will never use birth control.

Under Obama care everyone is forced to pay for things they will never use causing healthcare premiums
to skyrocket.

Left wing propaganda video
Birth control pills cost over 3000 dollars a year.. LIE

FACT In most states, Wal-Mart, Target and Kroger pharmacies offer a limited selection of generic birth control pills for $9 per month.

San Antonio To Hand Alamo Over To The United Nations

San Antonio has the opportunity for
its five Spanish Colonial Missions to be
nominated to be the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the
state of Texas and the 22nd world heritage designation in the United States.
San Antonio community leaders launched the final step in the application process
to bring World Heritage site status to the San Antonio Missions. The United States government has authorized the San Antonio Missions to prepare a dossier to submit to the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

According to
The alamo would fall under United Nations control.

The area will be built up of hotels and land conditions will apply to
people who own land near the missions.

Video the Alamo Might be handed off to the United Nations

San Antonio community leaders gathered today to launch the final step in the application process to bring World Heritage site status to the San Antonio Missions. The United States government has authorized the San Antonio Missions to prepare a dossier to submit to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the highly-regarded World Heritage designation, but it is now up to the San Antonio community to complete the application to make this quest a reality.
The application process will take about 18 months to complete at a cost of about $650,000.

Yes it is true that San Antonio has already started the process to hand the Alamo over the United

Obama Care Is About The Immigration Bill

Obama Care Is About The Imigration Bill.
The Immigration bill was always meant to become law after Obama care was implemented.
The immigration bill would make 11 million illegal aliens eligible for Obama care.

The plan was to make Americans lose healthcare coverage because of
higher premiums/deductibles or, straight out being dropped.
Americans are being dropped from healthcare coverage and, forced to pay a tax or,
get healthcare that is more expensive on the Obama care exchanges.

The millions of illegal aliens who would be eligible for Obama care after the immigration
bill is passed would mostly get subsidized healthcare
from Americans who make more money and, have better paying jobs.

Almost all immigrants start at low paying jobs at minimum wage. Many have children and,
would qualify for free Medicaid healthcare, paid for by Americans who make more money.
This will cause Americans to pay higher premiums and deductibles. After all, millions of new
poor people would be added to Obama care under the immigration bill.

Americans are forced at all ages to pay for pediatric insurance, birth control, maternity insurance under the Obama care exchanges. Even if you have no kids or, to old to have kids.

As Of October 29, 2013 Over 2 million Americans Lose Healthcare

As Of October 29, 2013 Over 2 million Americans Lose Healthcare.
Thousands of jobs cut.
UPDATE as of November 4, 2013 over 3.5 million lose healthcare insurance.
Tens of thousands sign up for free Medicaid on Obama care exchanges.

Click link below where it says obamacare cost. Add your zip code and see the cost of Obama care.
You will also see how many jobs are being cut in your area and, which companies are making employees
go to part time.

Click Here To See Your Obamacare Cost

Obamacare Lies And Fraud

Obamacare Lies And Fraud

1. Doctors Support Obamacare. Lie
2. We were told Obamacare will save Money
and cost 900 billion over 10 years. LIE
Total cost over 10 years is 1.8 Trillion dollars.
3. We were told it would lower premiums. Lie
Peoples premiums have gone up over 10 times the amount
they were payig in premiums before.
10 of the largest health insurance companies admitted
premiums would go up. Nobody listened.
4. If you like your doctor or healthcae plan you can keep it. LIE
Millions of people are losing their current health insurance
and doctor because they are not in the Obamacare plan offered to you.
5. We were told Obamacare was not a tax. LIE
Democrats and Obama first told the supreme court Obamacare was not a tax.
After, they did the switch and said in fact Obamacare is a tax.
6. We were told we deserved the same opportunity for affordable
care as congress. LIE
Members of congress earn $174,00 per year and 75% of their
premiums are paid for by your taxes.
If you earn over $18,000 dollars per year, you are paying for members of congress
to get bigger subsidy than they’re allowing you.
7. Everybody will have better access, lower rates, better quality care. LIE
People over 65 require more healthcare than younger people. 10,000 people per day turn 65 each day in America.
Over 10 years the supply of doctors will incease by 7%. While those over 65 will increase by 35%.
8. Obama care will not increase demand on the healthcare system. LIE
Obamacare adds 30 million customers to the healthcae insurance market.
This boosts demand dramtically, but does nothing for supply.
First law of of supply and demand – If demand increases and supply reamins unchanged,
a shortage occurs, leading to higher prices. We have a shortage of doctors now!
This will harm the poor and minorities.
You will see longer wait times, fewer visits, and lower quality care.
9. We seen this model work really well in Massachusetts. LIE
Per capita Massachusetts has more doctors than any other state by a wide margin.
Massachusetts has the longest wait times in the country. Even with more doctors.
Since Obamacre was modeled after Massachusetts healthcare and is the same.
We will see even longer waits in other states before seeing a doctor.
10. Obamacare is crafted in a way for those undocumeted will not have access to the tax
credits or shopping for insurance. LIE
Illegal aliens get free healthcare at emergency rooms daily.
Democrats answer and quote from secretary of health.
“reason why we need comprehensive immigration reform”.
As it is written and if passed 11 million illegal immigrants will be
instantly eligible, making demand for healthcare to skyrocket.
Many will fall under medicaid and get free healthcare anyway.
But the major problem is the increased demand on the healthcare system.
11. Healthcare will not be rationed. LIE
Howard Dean doctor and Democrat former presidential candidate said.
“One major problem is the so caled independent payment advisory board.
The IPAB is essentially a health care rationing body. By setting doctor
reimbursement rates, the IPAD will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not
favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor
or hospital will perform them”.

Max Baucus Democrat was a proud supporter of Obama care in 2010.
He was heavily involved in writing Obamacare.
In April 2013 Baucus states ” I see a huge train wreck coming”

12. Obama stated we have 4 years to do Obamacare right. Lie
It has been a failure.

Obamacare passed by the narrowest margin with zero Republican suport.
They hid the true costs.
Many Democrats didnt read the bill.
Used bribes to get other politicians on board.
Exempt themselves and fiends.
Increases premiums.
Kills jobs.
Its a huge tax.
Unions oppose it.
Sold to American people on emotion and not true facts.
Americans have been conned and lied to.
Obamacare is a farce and fraud.

Schools Using Mascots To Teach Children About Obama Care RFID Chips

RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation

In an effort to separate myth from truth regarding the federally mandated Obamacare RFID chip implantation program,
a public awareness campaign has been launched to tour in a number of public schools across our nation.
implantation The operation features a jovial animated mascot, a cartoon RFID chip named “Chippie”.
They use the character to demonstrate to their young audience the benefits of having the RFID implanted under your skin.
After a whimsical 30 minute cartoon following Chippie during one of his many adventures, there is a puppet show where children
are encouraged to ask Chippie any questions they may have relating to the RFID chip or the implantation process.
Each child leaves the exhibition with a “Chippie” stuffed doll, coloring book and several informative pamphlets
for their parents to read that may assuage any lingering fears to their children receiving the device.

Satire website link below
Obama care goes on tour to teach children not to fear RFID chip READ MORE

Americans Soon To Be Taxed Over One Dollar For Every Mile Driven

Americans Soon To Be Taxed Over One Dollar For Every Mile Driven

American western states pay an average 84 cents per gallon
of gasoline in taxes.
Politicians claim they do not have enough money to fix the roads.
They claim people are driving less and, buying less gasoline.
Cars are getting more miles per the gallon and it’s drying up
tax funds to fix roads.

Instead of raising the gas tax politicians are doing a end around
to charge people per mile driven.
The 84 cents per gallon tax isnt enough to fix roads they claim.
Politicans will have to raise the per mile driven tax to over one
dollar to make any impact.

So if your job is 10 miles away from your home, expect to pay $20.00
dollars per day to go to work.
Add in toll road fees and you are actually paying a lot more.

Want to drive cross country?
Los Angeles to St Louis is 1899 miles in distance.
Your cost would be $3798 in taxes round trip. Plus Gas and lodging.

Instead of raising the gasoline taxes they have a much more sinister plan.
They plan on taxing average middle class people per mile driven at a higher rate
than businesses. Citizens will be forced to subsidize businesses who
use the roads and highways.
They will force commuters who live outside the city to move into the city.
Except for those who are rich and, can afford over a dollar per mile driven tax.

The plan is to get people to use public transportation and move to
congested cities. By making it to expensive to commute.
As noted above it would be much cheaper to fly to St Louis from LA. Driving would be to expensive.

This is how they will push high speed rail which isnt sustainable.
Of all the high speed rail systems in the world, maybe 3 make a profit.
All the others are subsidized by tax dollars.
Japan citizens are still paying billions in taxes to suport high speed rail
which failed to produce the money needed to operate on its own.
The Taiwan government had to take over it’s high speed rail after one year
of operation and, push the burden on the tax payers to subsidize it to keep it running.
In Europe they have closed down many high speed rails because of cost.
Europe has also increased the prices for riding on high speed rail.

It would be easier to raise the tax per gallon of gasoline but that isnt the issue.
The plan is to force people to move into cities, subsidize businesses
and subsidize high speed rail.

The federal tax on a gallon of gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon, it hasn’t gone up in 20 years.

Below is the average gas taxes from 2008 for 1 gallon of gas.

The lowest tax on regular gasoline is in oil-rich Alaska, where the state collects just 8 cents a gallon.
Add the federal 18.4 cents per gallon tax for a total of 26.4 cents per gallon.

By region, the lowest taxes are in the South, where combined federal, state and local taxes averaged 38.5 cents a gallon.
The West is highest, with an average of 64.6 cents per gallon.

Diesel taxes run even higher. Nationwide, combined federal and state taxes averaged 56.4 cents a gallon in July, up from 53.6 cents in January.
In Hawaii, diesel fuel taxes now average 76.3 cents a gallon, compared with 51 cents for gasoline.
But here again, California is king of the tax guzzlers, with an average charge of 84.3 cents per gallon on diesel.

Thy plan to have you subsidize businesses such as delivery companies, trucking companies, city, and state trucks by
charging you more per mile driven.

After a few years they will again say one dollar per mile driven is not enough in taxes.
They will increase it to $1.50 per mile driven.
Until you just cant afford to drive anymore.

Charging more will not stop congestion as they say it will.
They will have areas where you have to pay a extra few dollars to drive into certain areas.
Other countries do charge more for entry into certain areas of cities to ease congestion.
It failed.