Resistance to Gascon’s Leadership as a District Attorney

George Gascon has been in a long time in a position of trying to shape the police force where he once worked, but he has been faced with animosity and resistance. Gascon being the District Attorney at San Francisco is supposed to charge and putting people into the task of the misdoings. The climate is, however, becoming more and more hostile since they are not ready to accept that they should be investigated or made accountable of the wrong doings.
In the recent confrontation with his former law enforcers he has been accused of not being the right man at the seat, and he has other motives being at the position where he is currently now. It is due to such activities that he is always being not accepted when he acts. There has a been a rise in the brutality of the police officers, and when the people on the ground are complaining about justice, the rest of the law enforcers are opposing it.
The DA is not at locker heads with almost all personnel at the department. They claim he is going against what his work is supposed to be. The former Police Officer Association has accused him of being a racist and pretender who is seeking for a place or a position at the higher office. Gascon has numerously denied of acting in such a manner that reveals racism, but the former POA says he can witness against him when he is required. The rest of the officials are bitter and angry as to how the process of justice at his office is being carried out.
Biases in the police officers in the state have been a primary concern and in many discussion. The recent attempt of opening charges of a felony for the former three officers and the current personnel have evoked mixed reactions in regards to his leadership. He is supposed to maintain peace while he has been involved in such acts that are a reality of racism for example. The former POA claims that when they had dinner in 2010, he over drunk and went on to give remarks that were not welcome by the African American man who felt disrespected.


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