Change Through The Lens Of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan business guru and entrepreneur whose popularity is attributed to his short career in politics and success in the agriculture sector. He had an opportunity to serve in the National Assembly as a representative from Guárico State. Gonzalez was also the chair of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce a position he got due to his prowess in business and entrepreneurial talent. In his agriculture career, he made successful products that have propelled his popularity as a guru in the industry.


Jose Manuel Gonzales interests and work in the agricultural sector get him close to the people in need of services; hence, he wants to ensure the citizens get a chance to get involved in governance matters. He looks up to countries like the U.S for inspiration and believes that that inspiration can go far in helping his fellow countrymen and women. Gonzales saw a link between politics and agriculture; hence, he joined politics to leverage the two. There was a need to make use of reforms in the financial sector to directly benefit the agricultural sector.


Building Citizen-Government Trust


He believes that for the Venezuelan people to trust the government and lead better lives, several changes ought to be implemented. There is a need for the creation of a national agreement backed by parliament. Also, he believes the house must work efficiently during a crisis to restore peace and that the parliament should endeavor to stimulate economic change. Gonzalez has stated on many occasions that the country needs to reinstate private property rights, justice, and freedom to stir up economic growth.


Being Part of the Change


On many occasions, he has warned about the populist movements that want to raise the wages by about fifty percent. He believes such moves will only ruin many companies in the country and destroy jobs. Gonzalez believes that people must be realistic and not expect help to drop from heaven. He wishes for the day the state would crack down on extortion and kidnappings for money, a situation that is rampant and worrying. As a concerned citizen, he wants his country to improve and knows he can be among the people to effect that change.


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