Dr. Jennifer Waldren Builds Practice in Austin

Austin and the University of Texas both have put some great people into the world. This is true whether it comes to sports, business, politics, or medicine. Did you know that the city is the home to one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the world? Did you know that person is a woman? That person is Jeniffer Waldren and she just returned to Austin, TX to live 3 years ago after developing and honing her career and craft in Manhattan.


She is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the nation. This is highlighted by the fact that she was voted top 24 beauty surgeons in the world by Harper’s Bazaar. Oh, she’s also one of the only females in history to ever sit on the board of the National Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association. These are pretty great accomplishments considering she had a hard time getting into the medical school of her choice.


She had obtained her undergrad degree at the The University of Texas. She was determined to attend medical school there as well. Walden was initially waitlisted by the school. She was determined enough to stick it out and eventually gain admittance. She then proved the school that they were wrong by studying plastic surgery at the University of Texas at Galveston and finishing second in her class.


This led to her getting a very prestigious residency after school. She was a resident in New York a the Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital. She was one of only two residents at the time. After her residency, she opened her own private practice which became very successful. She maintained and led this practice all through her late 20s and early 30s until the hard worker decided that she wanted a little more balance in her life.


She didn’t have a husband so she decided to become pregnant via in vitro fertilization. This resulted in her having twin boys in 2010. They are now 6. When they were 3 she made the decision to move back to Texas so that her sons could grow up around family.

Investing in Venezuela

South America has a lot of countries that are growing quickly. In the past few months, Venezuela has had some economic issues. However, this has not stopped people like David Osio from investing. He has one of the largest companies in the country, and over the course of time has done a great job building it from the ground up. One of the keys to his success is the fact that he is willing to invest when other people are not. Many people run away from real estate investing when the economy goes bad. Ever since the price of oil dropped, the economy in the country has just not been the same. If you are someone who wants to take the next step in your finances, this is a great way to do so. However, real estate investing takes a lot more work than many people expect.

David Osio

From early on in his career, David Osio knew that he wanted to build a great business in Venezuela. There are a lot of people who have tried and failed to build a great real estate business. However, these same people do not have the drive or the work ethic that he does. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, he kept pressing on in a way that is impressive to those looking in on the outside. Without a doubt, this is the biggest factor in his success over the long term. There are a lot of people who are looking up to him in the country, especially as the economy has gotten bad. There have even been food riots in his area from the lack of food available to the common person.

Future Plans

In the future, David plans on expanding his real estate business. This is a great opportunity for him to take the next step in his business. While the economy is down, there are a lot of real estate locations that are really cheap. With all of the financing that he has today, he should be able to make some major acquisitions over the long term. This is something that everyone should aspire to do if they are looking to invest for the future. With his steady hand, David Osio has been able to guide his company along the path of resounding success. In the future, he plans on continuing this great business that he has built.

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The Making Of Organo Gold Into A Success

Bernardo Chua is well known for being the leading man behind the idea of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a company that takes drinks, such as tea and coffee, and transforms them into something other than two delicious drinks. It infuses them with ingredients that pack a lot of nutrients into the otherwise not very nutritious drinks. Whenever Bernardo Chua first started his company, Organo Gold, it was obviously very small. It was ran by a grand total of three people, including himself. Today, it is nearly a muli-million dollar company. This is thanks to his genius business skills and stragedies, but of course that is not all that got him and his company to where they are today. There were a lot of people who believed in what he was doing with the company, and they wanted to jump on board. This includes Bernardo Chua’s very own customers who buy from his company Organo Gold every day they get a chance.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the year of 1999, as indicated by LinkedIn. This was the year that he and another person co-founded the company Gano Excel in the Phillipines. In addition to being the co-founder of this company, Bernardo Chua was also appointed as the General Manager. This meant that he was in charge of everything that happened with the company. While he was working as the General Manager at Gano Excel in the Phillipines, Bernardo Chua was also working in Operations at the Gano Excel International plant. In the year of 2003, Bernardo Chua switched his focus from the Phillipinian company over to starting a Gano Excel in the United States of America.

After five years of working with the Gano Excel International company and the Gano Excel company in the United States, Bernardo Chua decided to fully switching his goals up. In the year of 2008, Chua started the company Organo Gold in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He started this company as a three man show with no idea that he would one day be owning a multi-million dollar company that stemmed from his love of coffee and tea.  For more background about Bernardo, check out his information on ZoomInfo.

Stylish Activewear From Fabletics By JustFab And Kate Hudson JustFab’s Special Collections

When you are looking for a style that is all you, look no further than JustFab. They feature some of the most elegant, most sought-after clothing. Their selections at https://www.pinterest.com/fabletics/ include all of the top shoes, boots, handbags, clothing and more for women. All of the selections are handpicked for you by people who know fashion.

How Does JustFab Know Your Style?

This was my main concern when I first heard about the site because I have trouble picking out my clothing sometimes, so how can I expect someone else to know what looks good on me? The interesting part of signing up at JustFab is that they actually have a survey in place for you to take in order to gain a better understanding of your sense of fashion on mallofamerica.com. The looks that they pick out for you will be tailored to your interests, so you will actually have a customer service person picking out the designs just for you. It makes me feel like I’m a model when I realize that people are picking out my clothing for me every time I shop.

The membership program that they offer is called JustFab and Fabletics VIP membership, and it is well worth the price. It’s a monthly membership, and you can decide to skip a month if you don’t want to purchase anything at that time. I really liked how their site is so upfront about how their program works. I felt like I could trust them from the moment I started working with them, and they have never let me down since that first outfit.

There are some other appeals to having a JustFab VIP membership, of course. You get to have a steep discount whenever you go to purchase items from Fabletics. The discount can actually save you up to 50 percent off of the regular cost of items, so the membership pays for itself if you are someone that likes to shop online. You save money with the membership, and you start building points that you can use to purchase loyalty items from JustFab.

Another reason why I like JustFab so much is because they launched a special collection of women’s activewear. The collection is called Fabletics, and every items is handpicked by Kate Hudson.

It’s refreshing to find activewear that fits my style that’s affordable. It’s like buying luxury items without spending a luxurious amount of money on them at the register. The reason that JustFab and Fabletics can do this is because they bypass the cost of paying a middleman. The clothing comes from designers and conceptual artists or manufacturers. There’s no need to pay for a wholesaler or retailer, so you save money.

Andy Wirth Honored with Appointment to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Andy Wirth is probably best known for his role as president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Resorts. Wirth has been very involvement in the preparation and development of numerous resort and transportation projects spanning from Colorado to Quebec.

In his work as the president of a company involved in the ski resort business, Wirth has an in depth knowledge of the vital role that air transportation plays in the layout of community planning around resort areas. In recognition of his vast experience in the business community, Wirth was recently honored with an appointment as chairman and president of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

In addition to running the operations of the ski resort in Squaw Valley, Wirth also works with many community and environmental organizations in the area. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth

He consistently demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of life in the Squaw Valley area so that it remains a top tourist destination for many years to come. Through his unwavering support of the local business community, Wirth has helped to keep the economy of the area thriving through countless business cycles.

Andy Wirth is also recognized for his incredible personal accomplishments. He was the unfortunate victim of a very serious skydiving accident a few years ago.

Even though he had a long road to physical and mental recovery, Andy Wirth embraced the challenged ahead of him to get back on his feet and start living his life to the fullest again. He even helped to establish an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support.”

All of the funds raised through Wirth’s Ironman team go to support the Navy SEAL Foundation, which works to help special operations team members and their families on the home front.

Andy Wirth’s passion for helping others and desire to inspire others to make the most of their lives is evident in all aspects of both his personal and professional life. When he speaks about his personal recovery and desire to give back, Wirth serves as a universal inspiration for others to keep working toward their goals.