Stylish Activewear From Fabletics By JustFab And Kate Hudson JustFab’s Special Collections

When you are looking for a style that is all you, look no further than JustFab. They feature some of the most elegant, most sought-after clothing. Their selections at include all of the top shoes, boots, handbags, clothing and more for women. All of the selections are handpicked for you by people who know fashion.

How Does JustFab Know Your Style?

This was my main concern when I first heard about the site because I have trouble picking out my clothing sometimes, so how can I expect someone else to know what looks good on me? The interesting part of signing up at JustFab is that they actually have a survey in place for you to take in order to gain a better understanding of your sense of fashion on The looks that they pick out for you will be tailored to your interests, so you will actually have a customer service person picking out the designs just for you. It makes me feel like I’m a model when I realize that people are picking out my clothing for me every time I shop.

The membership program that they offer is called JustFab and Fabletics VIP membership, and it is well worth the price. It’s a monthly membership, and you can decide to skip a month if you don’t want to purchase anything at that time. I really liked how their site is so upfront about how their program works. I felt like I could trust them from the moment I started working with them, and they have never let me down since that first outfit.

There are some other appeals to having a JustFab VIP membership, of course. You get to have a steep discount whenever you go to purchase items from Fabletics. The discount can actually save you up to 50 percent off of the regular cost of items, so the membership pays for itself if you are someone that likes to shop online. You save money with the membership, and you start building points that you can use to purchase loyalty items from JustFab.

Another reason why I like JustFab so much is because they launched a special collection of women’s activewear. The collection is called Fabletics, and every items is handpicked by Kate Hudson.

It’s refreshing to find activewear that fits my style that’s affordable. It’s like buying luxury items without spending a luxurious amount of money on them at the register. The reason that JustFab and Fabletics can do this is because they bypass the cost of paying a middleman. The clothing comes from designers and conceptual artists or manufacturers. There’s no need to pay for a wholesaler or retailer, so you save money.

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