The Making Of Organo Gold Into A Success

Bernardo Chua is well known for being the leading man behind the idea of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a company that takes drinks, such as tea and coffee, and transforms them into something other than two delicious drinks. It infuses them with ingredients that pack a lot of nutrients into the otherwise not very nutritious drinks. Whenever Bernardo Chua first started his company, Organo Gold, it was obviously very small. It was ran by a grand total of three people, including himself. Today, it is nearly a muli-million dollar company. This is thanks to his genius business skills and stragedies, but of course that is not all that got him and his company to where they are today. There were a lot of people who believed in what he was doing with the company, and they wanted to jump on board. This includes Bernardo Chua’s very own customers who buy from his company Organo Gold every day they get a chance.

Bernardo Chua began his career in the year of 1999, as indicated by LinkedIn. This was the year that he and another person co-founded the company Gano Excel in the Phillipines. In addition to being the co-founder of this company, Bernardo Chua was also appointed as the General Manager. This meant that he was in charge of everything that happened with the company. While he was working as the General Manager at Gano Excel in the Phillipines, Bernardo Chua was also working in Operations at the Gano Excel International plant. In the year of 2003, Bernardo Chua switched his focus from the Phillipinian company over to starting a Gano Excel in the United States of America.

After five years of working with the Gano Excel International company and the Gano Excel company in the United States, Bernardo Chua decided to fully switching his goals up. In the year of 2008, Chua started the company Organo Gold in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He started this company as a three man show with no idea that he would one day be owning a multi-million dollar company that stemmed from his love of coffee and tea.  For more background about Bernardo, check out his information on ZoomInfo.

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