Want the Megan Fox Bod? Here’s How She Stays Fit!


Megan Fox is well known for her many roles in movies in the Hollywood world today, and some of her extremely memorable performances in PG 13 horror movies. But like many young women out there, I was curious as to how she keeps her shape so perfect for her roles in movies and for her glamour on the red carpet. The solution? She follows a Harley diet plan called the 5 Factor Diet Plan. And she sticks to it (which just may be the key, in all honesty!).

The 5 Factor Diet plan allows you to eat five small meals throughout the day. Megan Fox sexy body surprisingly allows you to set aside a cheat day, when she can treat herself and eat whatever she wants. To get down to the specifics, Fox ignores all processed food including bread, the classic potato chips, and even whole grain items (which tend to be bad for those watching the scale, without even realizing it). For carbohydrates, she turns to vegetables and fruits to fill that nutrient category. For her Vitamin E for the day, she turns to a handful of almonds, which is the perfect snack for those who are health conscious. She ignores the creamy ranch when it comes to salads and uses apple cider vinegar to pour, and never misses her two egg whites at breakfast.

Although there are other aspects to how Megan Fox maintains her figure, this diet is one of the biggest contributors to her slim frame. This Harley diet plan is a good resource for those who want to make a lifelong health change, not just shed a few. Interested?

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