The Thor Halvorssen Effect

The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation is probably one of the most prolific organizations fighting against dictatorships in the world. Since 2004 Thor Halvorssen has used the Human Rights Foundation to provide a platform for activists who want to create open societies. His work has frequently been featured in the news and he has often received accolades, but there is so much more behind why he has made such a serious efforts to try to help others. Although he lives a rather privileged life in the United States, he has not forgotten about his family in Venezuela and the things that have happened in his birth country. Thor wants to eradicate that sort of oppression from the face of the Earth. Watch Video Here .

Changing His Birth Country

His home country has a long history of rule by oppressive rulers. Under these rulers the people live in horrific conditions and suffer from all sorts of abuses. His family has actually experienced much of this abuse firsthand. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was actually arrested because of his efforts to investigate potential ties between drug dealers and government officials. While in prison he was beat and he was placed under arrest. Beyond that he has also seen a family member killed. In 2004, the same year he founded the Human Rights Foundation, his mother Hilda Mendoza was killed during a protest against Hugo Chavez. The men who killed her were never convicted. Events such as these have shaped his and motivated him to change the country he was born in. It isn’t an easy thing to do but he refuses to allow the tragedies that have struck his life to take their toll on anyone else.

About Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is one of the most well-known activists of our time. His work through the Human Rights Foundation has ensured that people across the world are able to live better lives and protect their freedom. Beyond his work as an activist he is also an accomplished filmmaker with many highly acclaimed films in his record. for more.

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