Author Becker Steps Forward With Real Estate Project In Lower Manhattan

Arthur Becker is no longer a silent partner unseen in the background of major real estate deals in places like New York City;

Now 66 years old, with a very successful financial career working with Bear Stearns focused on investing in bio tech and info tech companies, he has his own real estate project. Located in Lower Manhattan at 465 Washington Street in the neighborhood of Tribeca Author Becker is building a luxury condominium consisting of eight units and expected to sell in excess of 52 Million.

But that’s just one part of Author Becker; He has great interest and a vast knowledge in other areas that he combines together in unusual fashion. His collects very old and unusual coin currency from African nations and with his love of art and expression combines the two creating works of art some of which are being reproduced and increased in size for display at various commercial properties most notably in Boston. You can visit Madison Partners for more info.

He also likes crushing Magic 8 Balls and creating art from them as well as using paper currency in an origami fashion.

His business side has always been active and with his investing in tech firms he bought and managed NaviSite, which was a web-hosting company, and then managed a publishing platform known as Zinio before moving on to focus on real estate. He likes paperweights as well and has a lot of them on his desk. Two of them were gifts from his mother who, at age 94, is still going strong. There is also a photograph of his two daughters as he values the support and closeness of family. More details can be found on

Perhaps one of the most interesting and inner thoughts that Author Becker has revealed is that he feels people look to money for comfort, to feel safe; as a sort of god. He feels that money is important be should be used as a resource to do something else.

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