The Positive Impact Avaaz Has On The Worlds Critical Issues

Avaaz is the most powerful activist online network and just five years old. Millions of individuals from all over the world take action on critical issues such as corruption, climate change, poverty and conflicts. They combine to make a force strong enough to make a difference.

The Avaaz community builds a constituency for each individual issue. They accomplish this one country at a time until they are able to make a positive difference. Avaaz is a global team who concentrates on public concerns with focus, flexibility and nimbleness. They bring the world attention to new issues and direct the concern of the public into a campaign targeted to make an effective response.

Every year Avaaz takes member polls to gauge the responses of their members on critical issues. When full membership is reached on a campaign they take action. They convey vital information and decide whether or not to become involved on specific issues. The staff work in conjunction with experts and partners in the development of their strategies and send out alerts that are compelling and clear.

Their campaigns include petitions, the messages of their members and funding campaigns. Avaaz does whatever is necessary to make a positive difference in the world. The staff listens to what the members have to say and their most successful campaigns originated through their members. Avaaz has the vision and skill required to communicate and help make a better world.

Avaaz is funded by their members. Government backers and corporate sponsors are unable to shift their priorities. Avaaz does not accept any funds from corporations or governments. The members of Avaaz are united because of their values. Their campaigns are based on the fact that everyone is a human being first. The members take action on one issue at a time and believe they have the capabilities to build a bridge that will lead to a world everyone desires.

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