Bruce Bent II; The Brains Behind Top Innovations in Financial Technology

Bruce Bent II is a great entrepreneur. He is recognized for many innovative initiatives. He is a familiar name in the financial sector. He is credited with introducing some of the most innovative cash-related solutions for banks, broker-dealer, retail markets, and the short-term asset management. His entrepreneurial ingenuity is what is driving some of the most innovative financial technology products today. His inventions led to the transformation of FDIC-Insured Sweep Programs.

Bruce Bent II currently serves as the vice chairman and president of a leading fin-tech company known as Double Rock Corporation. He oversees the operations of the top subsidiaries of Double Rock Corporation including Island Intellectual Property, LLC and Access Control Advantage. Bruce Bent II was at the helm of The Reserve before the financial crisis of 2008. The Reserve is a privately held financial institution. It offers one of the largest money market fund worldwide.

Mr. Bent is an accomplished business leader. He has excelled in all organizations that he has worked with despite the many challenges that he had to go through. His entrepreneurial and leadership skills have inspired the people that have worked with him. He has extensive experience in financial markets and intellectual property. This has made it easier for him to identify rare opportunities that offer a competitive edge and boost the profitability of an organization. Mr. Bent is also a shrewd manager. He has knowledge in financial service, general management and operations, business re-engineering, P&L, business development, start-ups management, and strategic management. One of his strengths is the ability to use a consultative approach to solving problems.

Mr. Bent is a member of the various business, environmental, and entrepreneurs associations. He is an active member of Young Presidents’ Organization. The organization connects young leaders all over the world. Bruce Bent II was the chairman of the Gotham Chapter of the organization within Manhattan region. Other Associations where he is a member include Entrepreneurs Organization and Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. This organization is the leading in the preservation, protection, and restoration of the Hudson River.

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