Andrew Rofle: Building up the right career path

The Ubuntu fund raised at the annual Ubuntu Fund gala dinner will be used in funding school campuses at Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Some of the key projects include the planning of a pediatric clinic and opening up doors to more disadvantaged children in the community. Andrew Rolfe who is the chairman of Ubuntu fund was pleased to host more than 300 people with special guests being children who received help from the fund. Sinesipho, one of the fund’s beneficiaries, spoke at the meeting where she explained her situation back at home and how the fund has helped her throughout her studies.

The event was occasioned by an auction which was presided over by Charlie Ross. Some of the goods that were presented for auction included the dorm Patterson paintings and a trip to South Africa that both raised a total of $38,667.The evening finally ended with a speech from Ubuntu CEO Jacob Lief who stressed the need for children to have everything as they grow up

About Andre Rofle

Andrew Rofle is the current chairman of the Ubuntu fund. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, politics, and philosophy. He later attended Harvard school of business where he earned a masters degree in business administration. Before his appointment at lead gap, Rofle had already gained experience at companies such as Pret A Manger where he was the chairman and CEO.

He was also the CEO of Booker Foodservice and before that the vice president of operations in Europe for the PepsiCo restaurants. This role earned him an oversight responsibility of leading more than 1300 KFC and Pizza Hut in over 30 countries. He was a top executive at The Gap, Inc where he led the company into a global market. Also, he played a huge role in helping banana republic become successful by expanding into Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

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