Andrew Rofle: Building up the right career path

The Ubuntu fund raised at the annual Ubuntu Fund gala dinner will be used in funding school campuses at Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Some of the key projects include the planning of a pediatric clinic and opening up doors to more disadvantaged children in the community. Andrew Rolfe who is the chairman of Ubuntu fund was pleased to host more than 300 people with special guests being children who received help from the fund. Sinesipho, one of the fund’s beneficiaries, spoke at the meeting where she explained her situation back at home and how the fund has helped her throughout her studies.

The event was occasioned by an auction which was presided over by Charlie Ross. Some of the goods that were presented for auction included the dorm Patterson paintings and a trip to South Africa that both raised a total of $38,667.The evening finally ended with a speech from Ubuntu CEO Jacob Lief who stressed the need for children to have everything as they grow up

About Andre Rofle

Andrew Rofle is the current chairman of the Ubuntu fund. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, politics, and philosophy. He later attended Harvard school of business where he earned a masters degree in business administration. Before his appointment at lead gap, Rofle had already gained experience at companies such as Pret A Manger where he was the chairman and CEO.

He was also the CEO of Booker Foodservice and before that the vice president of operations in Europe for the PepsiCo restaurants. This role earned him an oversight responsibility of leading more than 1300 KFC and Pizza Hut in over 30 countries. He was a top executive at The Gap, Inc where he led the company into a global market. Also, he played a huge role in helping banana republic become successful by expanding into Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

Rocketship Education Continues to Provide Quality Education to

When Rocketship Education was building an elementary school in Washington D.C. during 2016 parents were able to interview teachers before they were offered the job. This was a way to involve parents in building an academic foundation for the schools. A group of parents interviews the teachers before they are offered the job.

The parents input has swayed some teachers to receive a job offer and other not to. The parent’s take the interview seriously weighting the pros and cons of each candidate. Sometimes candidates have good backgrounds but don’t get the job because of their attitudes.

Rocketship Education is a charter school company based in California that opened its first school in 2007. The school gained attention due to its high test scores. It combined regular teaching with online technology and computer assisted learning. This has kept the costs low for running the schools.

In 2013 Rocketship was allowed to open as many charter schools as it wanted in the district of Washington D.C. when the school board voted. The first school is situated across the street from a large housing project known for violence. The school wants to operate as a neighborhood school instead of district. Many schools hold about 350 students per school.

The Rocketship Rise Academy was the first school in Washington D.C. and on the East Coast. This school served 758 students in Pre-K though 5th. Rocketship Education develops schools that serve low income families that have limited access to good schools. They coach parents on how to become advocates for their children.

They teach personalized traditional learning and computer assisted learning customized to each student. They are a successful company that is helping close the achievement gap for many families in different communities. The believe excellent education begins at the elementary school level and continues from there.

Rocket Education believes that no matter where children live they deserve access to excellent schools. Their school have very involved teachers and parents and cutting edge teaching methods. This is a winning combination.


Making sound choices for you future

The future holds limitless possibilites and when deciding what is the best thing for you to do or that you can do to provide for you future there is only one thing: Buy Gold. There are limitless things you can buy to try and sustain for the future but Gold tops everything. When or if the economy collapases, as all have at some time or another,

Gold will hold its vaule no matter what city, state or country you live in. Gold will pass the test of time in terms of permanancy in vaule. Dollar bills, stocks and bonds can fluctuate and in a momenets notice be worth less then the paper in which they are printed.

Most currencies of our day are backed by nothing, which means that the government can request more money to be printed and simply add it to the national dept (as if the debt wasn’t big enough already. While it may seem nice to have more money in an instant, it only devaules the money already in circulation and we get inflation of prices.

In thr span of 30 years costs have nearly doubled. 1 dollar for a bus ride in 1990 now cost today 2.25 in the city i grew up in. The 4 dollars for hamburger and fries is now $15. Gold however is a diffrent story. Gold can’t be printed at a mint or the whim of political officials. There is a specific supply and demand and th8s causes the vaule to increase. In 1990 gold was about $386 an ounce. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Gold today is about 1,200 dollars an ounce.if you keep your money in the bank, that money over time devaules itself. That $386 dollars back in 1990 could buy you an ounce of gold and if you had bought that one ounce then, you would have 3 times the vaule today.

You want to make a sound choice for the future? Well, buy gold. Buy gold now. Sure the price watched on the vaule of gold on a daily basis would drive anyone insane, but, with gold don’t do that. Companies like the US Money Reserve carry supplies of gold to satisfy any and all of you gold purchasing needs.

They have assisted 100s of thousands of customers in buying gold to make thier own futures finacially prosperous. U.S. Money Reserve has some of the highest quality precious metals you can get on the market with somebof the most trusted profesionals in the field. You could not be disappointed in buying gold from the U.S Money Reserve.

The Trailblazer That is Brian Bonar

Who is Brian Bonar?

Brian Bonar is a successful financier from San Diego who has a background in engineering. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. He also has a Ph.D in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University. He has a great track record in management and his specialty is in mergers and acquisitions and he is also skilled in the new business development and finding venture funding.

Career Journey

His career journey started in 1985 in IBM as a procurement manager whereby he outsourced motherboards for the personal computers used in the company. He left IBM and took up a position as a Director of Engineering for QMS whereby he was successful in managing a team of engineers in software and hardware development. He has also served in leadership positions in companies like AMS Outsourcing, Adaptec, Daldara Financial Corporation and Rastek Corporation.


Brian Bonor is truly a serious investor. He has a diverse investment portfolio and besides founding and acquiring companies he has also invested in various industries which include retail, aviation, education and various family businesses. He also has a chain of restaurants called Bellamy’s.


Besides mergers, acquisitions, and venture capitalism, Brian Bonar also has a knack for startups; in September 1994 he founded his own company Bezier Systems. He also founded AMS Outsourcing in May 2006 and Daldara financial systems in 1999. Currently, he is the CEO and Chairman of Trucept which he founded in 2011.He is also a consultant on matters; debit cards, tax policy formulation, tax deferment benefits, issues concerning payrolls and insurance matters and he is also sought after to provide solutions to complex corporate matters due to his vast experience in management.

Trucept, Inc

Truecept is a company whose core business is providing Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to companies. Their key products are HR Services, Employee Benefits, Administration and Risk Management. It provides tailored human resources, employee benefits, and payroll solution services to startups and various professional services companies. Truecept has catered to more than 900 companies and greatly benefited these companies and due to outsourcing, these companies have managed to concentrate on their core businesses.


Over the years Brian Bonar has been successful in managing companies in various sectors and his track record is proof of this. He has been named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the year in finance due to his accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements. He has shown great leadership in managing teams and excellence in whatever he puts his mind to. He is not only a visionary he is a trailblazer.

OSI Group: One Of The Largest Meat Market Suppliers

OSI Group is an American company that specializes in meat processing. The business services the foodservice and retail sector with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It has grown into one of the largest food companies. The business started as a family meat market in Oak Park in 1909.

OSI Group is one of the most prominent companies in the business of food and drink. It has attained the prominence by providing its clients top notch products. The company offers meals which range from breakfast, lunch, side dish, desserts, to snacks. Most of its products are protein items such as bacon, hot dogs, pork, raw and processed chicken and pizza.

The group is a food production corporation established in Aurora, Illinois specializing in meat processing and was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. It is now a organization that’s thought to be a well known company of meat processors.

OSI Group is basically the world’s largest meat deli. They process the meats company’s need all across the world. This implies OSI is tasked with making sure the world never runs out of burger patties and sandwich meats required for our comfort foods. The task of putting all of those elements together is not a simple one, but OSI can ensure by enlisting the help of meat processing companies such as Baho 41.

The business has been operational for the past ten decades and has over 20,000 employees. OSI Group is among the top 100 food companies in America due to its client base. The business has enlarged its territory to Asia, and Europe.

OSI Industries is a staunch believer that its workers contribute significantly to the provider’s success. It’s has 65 plants scattered over the world staff members in various work categories. It offers a work environment endowed with rewarding and challenging opportunities which are meant to motivate its staff. For many years, OSI has been hiring individuals who share the exact same vision. The company offers them opportunities to explore their potential and accommodates its employee’s ideas.

The Dallas Zoo Just Got Very Exciting

The Dallas zoo has just gained a new addition and the local residents are very excited. The Hippo Habitat was just completed and Adhama and Boipelo, the new hippos, were finally able to make their new home at the Dallas zoo. The zoo hasn’t had any hippo residents since the last hippo, Papa, had died in 2001. Part of the reason why there have not been any hippo residents since then was because the zoo needed some new improvements in order to create a habitat that could accommodate their new guests. The new project would not be easy and would come with a hefty price tag f about $$14 million dollars.

Thanks to the generous donation form James Dondero and Highland Capital Management, the project was able to get completed and the hippos have been able to move into their new home. The new Hippo Habitat was built on 2.1 acres and has a 120,000-gallon African waterhole habitat. It even has a submerged viewing area. The new additions have proven to be popular as the zoo has been experiencing a lot more visitors and this is good news for the zoo. You can read all about the undertaking of the hippo project here.

James Dondero has donated millions of dollars to help improve the communities within Dallas and this is one of them. He has even gained a reputation as being an active supporter in various projects and charities.

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and he has over thirty years of experience in his field of expertise in the equity and credit markets. Highland Capital Management offers solutions and products for investors and has about $14.9 billion in assets. James Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984 and he is a supporter of many charitable organizations including Uplift Education, Snowball Express, the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, just to name a few. Dondero holds his dual majors in Finance and in Accounting. Dondero graduated form the University of Virginia and is a Certified Management Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

White Shark Media focus on Customer support and service

White Shark has also developed powerful strategies that involve conversation tracking, Google Analytics as well as call tracking. It’s now easier for customers to leave their feedback through their phones. The online firm has partnered with a tech company called Marchex to offer call tracking to its customers. White Shark Media encourages people to send messages via email and Facebook. Considering we are in a digital era, this is an excellent way to earn the trust of the public.

The majority of employees at White Shark work full-time. Judging from some of their reviews online, they seem to be enjoying their job. They appreciate the treatment they get from the company’s top officials. Some define White Shark Media as a flexible workplace as their creativity isn’t limited. They are free to explore new solutions to improve their performance and deliver satisfactory services. The firm’s CEO, Alexander Nygart, focuses on building a reputable brand. Additionally, he displays exemplary leadership qualities.

Additionally, it is a validation of the partner’s efforts in serving a large client base with highly successful strategies. The company also appeared on Inc. Magazine’s list of five thousand fastest growing businesses in the US. This is proof of their commitment. White Shark Media is also a Bing Ads Elite Reseller. Google and Bing are the most popular search engines globally. Customer feedback has been an important element that has guided many helpful updates to the marketing platform.

The firm focuses on the small and medium-sized business segment in the US and South America. White Shark Media cultivates strategic partnerships and industry certification to demonstrate customer confidence in their services. Google Analytics and Google Shopping certify the company. Bing Ads also accredit it as a service provider. It also works closely with professionals who are AdWords certified.

John Goullet Provides Impeccable IT Staffing Services to Promote Business

John Goullet is a prominent entrepreneur who has founded various companies. He is famous for his excellent skills in IT staffing. Goullet’s career began after his graduation from college. He was a consultant for information technology after school. Goullet worked for one company before founding his firm called Info Technologies. This was an IT staffing firm that had the best interests of organizations that needed IT workers. Info Technologies focused on recruiting qualified professionals for Fortune 500 companies. In five years, the company had generated approximately $30 million. Inc Magazine listed it as the 8th on best-performing companies. The rank earned Info Technologies an active tag as the fastest growing firm that is privately held. Being visionary, Goullet joined Gene to form DIVERSANT LLC. He assumed the principal position.


DIVERSANT LLC is an excellent service provider thanks to John Goullet who is the head cheerleader. The company stands out from the rest. Under the leadership of Goullet, the company strives for greatness by providing top notch services. The motto of DIVERSANT LLC reads empowered by the difference. The motto directs the operations of the company. The success of DIVERSANT LLC is massively attributed to John’s success. DIVERSANT’S key products comprise of IT augmentation, innovative diversity as well as direct-hire. The firm is dedicated to providing a diversified range of supplies through innovative solutions. The hallmark of operation at DIVERSANT LLC is providing other IT companies with talents as well as contracts. The firm has a team that determines the expertise of the applicants by interviewing them. Following the interview, the candidates are assigned duties according to their qualifications.


DIVERSANT LLC strives to build a close working relationship with clients. Under the leadership of John Goullet, customers enjoy proper IT staffing services. The management has built trust with the customers. The management has IT consultants who have extensive experience in offering recruitment services. Coupled with honesty and reliability, John Goullet provides a variety of services that focus on producing the best products and services. Goullet is also in charge of overseeing the board members. He controls the management by generating successful strategies for the firm.

Have a Winter Wedding with George Street

Holidays are a special occasion for everyone! It is something about the cold of the winter that draws everyone one together! The same is true for weddings. Getting married in the winter is on the top of the list for most couples. George Street Photo and Video Address Locations are available to capture all the love during the winter seasons!

Let it Snow. Let in Snow. No place can give you winter, elegance, with a touch of city life for a wedding like Boston’s special venue The Lenox Hotel! Not only can couples enjoy their wedding inside the hotel, Lenox also offers them a wedding suite.

Turn your wedding into a winter wonderland theme with the Espace in New York, NY. This venue has the perfect cocktail and ballroom space for up to 380 guests! It’s a good thing George Street’s office isn’t located far from this awesome place.

George Street loves weddings in winter and has locations nearby to prove this!

Susan McGalla, On The Cutting Edge Of Women In Leadership

Statistically, companies with gender and ethnic diversity tend to outperform companies that are not. This is due to the fact that these companies tend to have multiple perspectives that they can take advantage of. This trend, however, is very slowly trying to gain momentum, but many high-level positions are still held by men in the S&P 500 companies.

Susan McGalla is a woman who is challenging the status quo and making great strides in her leadership roles. She is the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She also served as president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. where she excelled through the company ranks to become president of the entire company. With these accomplishments and much more, she has created a dialogue about the role of women in leadership.


Women have many resources available to them today such as networks and initiatives but these are only part of the solution. Networking and taking part in initiatives to change the status quo is not working and there need to be some changes. There needs to be more mentorship and executive sponsorship that allows women the chance to participate in high-level assignments and taking on responsibilities within a company that can help them gain the leadership roles that they seek. This is one way that Susan McGalla states women can gain leadership roles within organizations and it is how she was able to make great strides in her roles as president of high profile companies. Companies that participate in a mentorship or executive sponsorship program can help their companies become more gender and ethnically diverse which statistics have proven that these types of companies outperform those that are not.


Susan McGalla received her Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College and has had various leadership positions throughout her career. She began her career with the Joseph Horne Company in various managerial and marketing positions from 1986 until 1994, after which she joined American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. McGalla left American Eagle in January 2009 to become a private consultant for the financial investment and retail industries. She now holds her current position as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.