One Of The Top Managers In The USA

Mr Timothy D. Armour is a highly skilled and successful businessman. He is at the position of Chairman of Capital Group which is a leading company that works in the field of capital management.

He was offered the position of chairman in the early months of 2015 and ever since he assumed the post, the company of Capital Group has been reaching new heights. His education Mr Timothy D. Armour received from the Middlebury College. He majored in Economics and received a bachelor’s degree.

Mr Timothy D. Armour started out at the company from the bottom like most of his colleagues in leadership. He was a part of the Associates Program, and through his efforts, he managed to move up the ladder. The responsibility of Mr. Timothy D. Armour currently includes the Department of capital research as well as overlooking and making sure that the management committee of the company is achieving results according to the standard of Capital Group.

Among his passions is editorial writing. Mr Timothy D. Armour has published a large number of articles that give insight in his line of work. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal also talked about the successful businessman. He was interviewed on the makings of a good manager. Mr Timothy D. Armour shared his top tips on how to be a good and irreplaceable manager. One should know their profession inside out and have a great analytical skill that will achieve the result a company needs – lasting improvement of growth and revenue.

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How Does Eric Lefkofsky Think Startups Can Leverage Accelerated Disruption?

There are numerous companies out there, each offering its own products or services. Why isn’t there simply one mega multinational corporation, offering all you need for life? Startups are able to survive, when they leverage Eric Lefkofsky’s concept of “Accelerated Disruption.”


“Planned Obsolescence”


In football and business, many war analogies are used. Divide and conquer, seek and destroy, and swimming with the sharks. The concept of “Planned Obsolescence” is one of these unspoken rules of increasing business profits.


Why are modern automobiles “totaled” when they have a minor “fender bender?” Because the plastic, Styrofoam fenders are merely decorative and serve no real protective purpose. Plus, car makers can sell more parts through insurance companies after accidents. View for other details.


“Creative Destruction”


The automobile industry understands “which side of their bread is buttered.” In the 1920’s, there were many fully functioning street cars, making it easy for people to get around using public transportation. Is public transportation good for those selling private cars?




So, the Detroit Captains of Industry started buying up the street cars. “General Motors began systematically buying streetcar lines and then shutting them down, leaving millions of Americans without viable public transportation options. Its motive? To ensure a market for its still-novel personal transportation technology. Rather than walk, the idea was, people would buy Buicks.” Was this an example of “Creative Destruction?”




“Accelerated Disruption”


Another example of this “replacement” strategy was when the Europeans arrived and slaughtered all the American Buffalo. This was an example of “Accelerated Disruption.” The Native-Americans did not need European manufactured foods because they could go out and hunt. So, the Europeans destroyed the wild game. Check this site,


The Europeans were the “new kids on the block.” They established their hegemony, forcing the Native-Americans to give them their business. The startup hopes to do the same. Click Here.


It might have an innovative product or service. Its brand “newness” is a key comparative advantage. Startups can leverage “Accelerated Disruption” by forcing others to purchase their merchandise or accept their market presence. Rather than taking it slow, startup can simply accelerate the evolution process. The “aggressive bird gets the worm.”

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