Online Reputation Management Achieved Through Review Management

One way to make a success of online reputation management is to proactively manage reviews posted on the internet. It is a known fact that a bad review can be the death of a company or brand. This fact was pointed out Don Sorensen in a recent interview on Don is a leading expert in online reputation strategy and therefore knows a great deal on the subject. He also created the company known as which provides a strategy service to manage online reputation.

Reviews can often create a lot of influence amongst readers and Google also proves this further as there are a lot of traffic for searches that include the phrase review. Often times when people are looking to purchase something, their opinion on a certain item or service is determined by what they read in reviews. In order to be proactive when managing reviews it is important to create a section on the social media site that is specifically for reviews. Other examples include a review playlist on Youtube or a review tab on Facebook. There are many options on social media platforms to incorporate reviews. If Youtube is the platform of choice then it is also possible to syndicate posts to other platforms automatically using websites such as For more information on this approach visit websites such as

To continue with reviews it is important to also monitor what review sites say about the business or product in question. Tracking variations in the business or brand name such as Wellness Juice Review can ensure that no fake reviews are posted without the company or brand realizing. This can be detrimental and cause the company to decrease in revenue. Another easier way to promote positive reviews is to simply ask existing customers to post of their positive experience with the brand or product. Customers can be given guidelines on receipts on how to post reviews. can remove any bad search results and may also come in handy when ensuring the negative reviews are kept to a minimum thanks to their strategies.