End Citizens United Anticipates Public Recognition in 2016 US Elections

End Citizens United is a newly-formed Political Action Committee (PAC) that aspires to make its agenda famous in 2016 by changing the campaign financial system of the US. It plans to contribute millions of dollars to Democratic candidates vying for available House and Senate seats all over the country. The group, which was inaugurated in August 2016, has so far collected over $2 million from small donors. However, its communications director, Richard Carbo, mentioned that the group is projected to raise between $25 million and $30 million in the future. Currently, it has received 136,000 donations that amount to an average of $14.86.

The Goal of the Group

End Citizens United aims to pass a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision, Citizens United, which came into effect in 2010. The Court’s decision established a platform for the rise of super PACs and unleashed a network of dirty politics money. However, campaign finance experts are doubtful of the group’s goal because it requires a constitutional amendment, which includes winning consent from two-thirds of the House and Senate and a ratification passed by at least 75 percent of the US States.

So far, over 325,000 people have signed the group’s petitions, which demanded Congress to pass the legislation. However, this figure is expected to rise since the group has collaborated with “Ready for Hillary” movement. Furthermore, it announced its endorsement of 11 Democratic Candidates, for instance, Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and the former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Carbo cited that the group was unique compared to other PACs that solely focused on changing campaign financial systems. This was because End Citizens United wanted to implement an actionable platform for addressing the political side of its mandate by actualizing the election of people who would reform the existing laws. Rick Hasen, an expert in campaign finance, mentioned that a change of at least one Supreme Court justice was more likely to institute reforms than electing sympathetic leaders.

Why the PAC will not Support Republican Candidates

End Citizens Committee indicated that it was not supporting Republicans. This was because the Republican leadership was vehemently opposing attempts to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision. The group added that it would offer its support to Democratic candidates who were championing for campaign finance reforms.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a PAC funded by local level donors. It was founded in March 2015 and is committed to changing the country’s campaign finance system and stopping the undesirable effects of Citizens United. It aims to show the nation how the grassroots are fighting against the increasing impudence of billionaires who were buying elections. The group seeks to achieve its mission of stopping the rigged political system through electing pro-reform candidates and creating massive public awareness.

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Reasons Why Betsy Devos Will Excel in her new post

Betsy Devos has a good philanthropic record that makes a clear view that competition and choice are the best mechanisms for improving the education system in America. The Betsy family foundation has donated larger sums to health research, art organization, and hospitals.

Donations to the education sector have been at the center of their interests with the need for universal school choice for parents and students. Betsy believes that the donations promote both quality and uniformity. Devos aims to reduce federal encroachment and empower local communities, states, and families.

The proposed charter and voucher system is attractive to families experiencing financial difficulties. Also, ethnic minorities, religious and ideological convictions differing from the mainstream will benefit. The aim is to make private schooling accessible to all children. Betsy is a welcome remedy to the education problems the nation is experiencing.

  • Bureaucratic liberation

Educational philosophies Betsy DeVos proposes will liberate American school system from any encroachment by the federal government. In the past, the government bypassed communities, families, and states to make critical decisions concerning teacher evaluation, restroom policies, school curriculum, and values conformity. The Devos era signals a departure from that tradition.

  • Freedom of thinking

Her family is widely known for championing rights and liberties of communities, religious groups, and families. The family history places a lot of value on education and emphasizes tolerance in a pluralistic society. It allows diverse communities and families to build their schools and choose which schools they want their families to attend.

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  • Empowerment of families with financial disadvantage

In the Devos educational philosophy, families with financial problems can choose an education that fits their abilities and unique needs. In the current view, the government dictates and determines the use of taxes in education. It creates a sense of responsibility to families, as they will directly shape the way their children interprets and understands the world.

The potential voucher system gives citizens the ability to influence education directly. Moreover, parents can send their children to a variety of schools including those not accessible without vouchers. The system received support from prominent educators and intellectuals like Anthony Bradley and politicians like Cory Booker.

Betsy Devos will be successful because of her dedication. She is a philanthropist with proven record in education reform. She is a holder of a philosophy of education and will reduce bureaucracy in the sector and increase thinking. Also, she is expected to empower financially-disadvantaged families. All these added to her work ethics and connections will guarantee success.

Devos’s path to the secretary of education is different from her past predecessors. Her path best qualifies her because of her accomplishments and her spirit to make things happen. Her strong beliefs and good record together with interactions with educational policy makers and politicians will enable her manager her new role exceptionally.

Change Through The Lens Of Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan business guru and entrepreneur whose popularity is attributed to his short career in politics and success in the agriculture sector. He had an opportunity to serve in the National Assembly as a representative from Guárico State. Gonzalez was also the chair of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce a position he got due to his prowess in business and entrepreneurial talent. In his agriculture career, he made successful products that have propelled his popularity as a guru in the industry.


Jose Manuel Gonzales interests and work in the agricultural sector get him close to the people in need of services; hence, he wants to ensure the citizens get a chance to get involved in governance matters. He looks up to countries like the U.S for inspiration and believes that that inspiration can go far in helping his fellow countrymen and women. Gonzales saw a link between politics and agriculture; hence, he joined politics to leverage the two. There was a need to make use of reforms in the financial sector to directly benefit the agricultural sector.


Building Citizen-Government Trust


He believes that for the Venezuelan people to trust the government and lead better lives, several changes ought to be implemented. There is a need for the creation of a national agreement backed by parliament. Also, he believes the house must work efficiently during a crisis to restore peace and that the parliament should endeavor to stimulate economic change. Gonzalez has stated on many occasions that the country needs to reinstate private property rights, justice, and freedom to stir up economic growth.


Being Part of the Change


On many occasions, he has warned about the populist movements that want to raise the wages by about fifty percent. He believes such moves will only ruin many companies in the country and destroy jobs. Gonzalez believes that people must be realistic and not expect help to drop from heaven. He wishes for the day the state would crack down on extortion and kidnappings for money, a situation that is rampant and worrying. As a concerned citizen, he wants his country to improve and knows he can be among the people to effect that change.