How to make an impressive investment portfolio like Todd Lubar

All the people want to be successful at something. For most, the ultimate American dream is getting to the top of their investment game and being able to retire early. This is a dream that less than 30 percent of the population is able to achieve. As a matter of fact, about 10 percent of the population controls more than 90 percent of the wealth. This and many other concepts are what investment gurus like Todd Lubar understood before starting their journey to success.

Todd states on his page that the thing that made it possible for him to succeed in investing was the mere fact that he was ready to start early. As soon as he left college, he joined the real estate industry. He started off with mortgage companies and tried to learn everything that he could about the business. He created strong networks with players such as estate property brokers, agents, financial planners and many other players in the market. When he started his referral business, he had many of these people to form the network that he needed.

He then decided to get an equity membership from the Legacy Finance Group. This is what gave him access to the money that he needed to help him grow his businesses. He ventured seriously into real estate and came up with property that was a mix between single family homes and shared property.

He did not forsake his business as a broker. According to his profile, the first business that he created was supervised by the First Magnus Corporation. This way, he was able to complete thousands of transactions something that helped him understand all the different types of clients that he was receiving and their unique loan needs. Other businesses that he has invested in over the time include demolition and the recycling of scrap metal. Both were doing well before he sold them.

The investment expert is currently retired and lives in Florida with his family. He has a wife and kids and when he is not helping people with their investments, he is spending quality time with them. he believes in second chances, and especially the ability of humans to start over and build better. You can contact him, via


Jeffrey Schneider the Expert of Alternative Investment

Jeffrey Schneider is a recognized figure in the world of investments especially the alternative investment. He has been in the industry for over 20 years, throughout he has been committed to identifying alternative investment, so as to broaden the options for his clients. As a result, he has built a great reputation for himself. He is also the founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC, he is a brilliant investor who has set himself apart from the industry’s equals. Part of his career has been spent working for the Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney where he has gathered knowledge and skills that he has used to start off his business that is aimed at solving the problem in the field that he has passion in.



The Ascendant Capital LLC is Austin-based firm that serves a large number of clients that includes those in the service and marketing industry the mission of the firm is to find alternative investment ideas. The company has raised over $1 billion dollars and has about 30 employees in just 4 years while under the leadership of Jeffrey Schneider. The company has established a network of brokers, private banks as well as registered investment advisors to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their best services as they invest their money in projects.



Jeffry researches, analyses and monitors the industry that he work in. he is of the opinion that the traditional methods of investment that the investors have been using over the past few years should be put on hold and find the other means of making an investment with the consideration of the high volatile market. He advises major corporations during the process of purchasing a business from real estate to the companies in the tech sector. He accepts uniqueness and believes that it can save a company so much to spread their risk in their operations as well as their businesses.



Not only is he a great leader but he also adores keeping fit. He has written widely about the importance of keeping fit and consuming product that are suitable for peoples’ health, he has also communicated this to his team. He runs marathons and takes on holidays and enjoys traveling to places that he has never been before. The lesson that one can get from Schneider one of the most successful entrepreneurs is that no matter how much a person make money or things are going well it is important that one reward himself/herself and take some time off which can improve creativity.



In addition, he has also founded the Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors as well as the Alternative Investment. This companies’ main mission is to work closely so that they can provide their clients with advice on the best alternative investments.