George Soros Wants To Bring Social Justice to the World

The Billionaire for Social Justice

Usually, people don’t associate wealthy billionaires with support for the Progressive Left, but this is exactly what defines George Soors. Nobody else has made such a big deal out of doing everything possible to give the Left the financial support that it needs and to make a way forward that allows the Left to enact the goals it has set out. He has supported the Left for decades with his billion dollar fortune and plans on doing everything he can to make sure the Left is able to win. Naturally, conservatives have attacked him and created a false image of what George Soros is.

The Scapegoat of the Right

Conservatives have made a hobby out of turning Soros into the source of everything they believe is wrong with the world. In the rants of Glenn Beck and other prominent conservatives a clear theme can be seen of accusing him of using his wealth to take over the world by spreading a globalist agenda. Some even go further and accuse him of spreading communism throughout the world. In neither case is this actually correct. George Soros is a hedge fund manager and by extension a capitalist. He simply doesn’t have any vested interest in trying to spread any ideology that would hamper the accumulation of wealth. Read more about George‚Äôs life story at

Standing Up To Donald Trump

Donald Trump and George Soros did not get along last year during the election. 2016 marked the return of Soros into politics and the entrance of Trump into politics. The two billionaires opposed each other on just about every major issue. Soros is generally a fan of immigration and free trade while Trump has made fighting both of these issues an important part of his agenda. After the victory of Donald Trump George Soros made it clear he wanted to do everything he could to stop him from enacting his agenda.

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What He Wants To See In The Future

The short term future for the Left doesn’t look too good, but Soros believes it is important for the Left to remain vigilant. The Right currently has the lion’s share of power in America, but if the Left continues to endure they will be able to take back power once again from Trump.

About George Soros

George Soros is a philanthropist who has used his wealth to improve the world around him. He has a strong interest in social justice and a firm belief in doing what is right for others. Although many on the Right criticize him, he continues to do everything he can to help those around him and make the world a better place.

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