Rocketship Education Continues to Provide Quality Education to

When Rocketship Education was building an elementary school in Washington D.C. during 2016 parents were able to interview teachers before they were offered the job. This was a way to involve parents in building an academic foundation for the schools. A group of parents interviews the teachers before they are offered the job.

The parents input has swayed some teachers to receive a job offer and other not to. The parent’s take the interview seriously weighting the pros and cons of each candidate. Sometimes candidates have good backgrounds but don’t get the job because of their attitudes.

Rocketship Education is a charter school company based in California that opened its first school in 2007. The school gained attention due to its high test scores. It combined regular teaching with online technology and computer assisted learning. This has kept the costs low for running the schools.

In 2013 Rocketship was allowed to open as many charter schools as it wanted in the district of Washington D.C. when the school board voted. The first school is situated across the street from a large housing project known for violence. The school wants to operate as a neighborhood school instead of district. Many schools hold about 350 students per school.

The Rocketship Rise Academy was the first school in Washington D.C. and on the East Coast. This school served 758 students in Pre-K though 5th. Rocketship Education develops schools that serve low income families that have limited access to good schools. They coach parents on how to become advocates for their children.

They teach personalized traditional learning and computer assisted learning customized to each student. They are a successful company that is helping close the achievement gap for many families in different communities. The believe excellent education begins at the elementary school level and continues from there.

Rocket Education believes that no matter where children live they deserve access to excellent schools. Their school have very involved teachers and parents and cutting edge teaching methods. This is a winning combination.