Reasons Why Betsy Devos Will Excel in her new post

Betsy Devos has a good philanthropic record that makes a clear view that competition and choice are the best mechanisms for improving the education system in America. The Betsy family foundation has donated larger sums to health research, art organization, and hospitals.

Donations to the education sector have been at the center of their interests with the need for universal school choice for parents and students. Betsy believes that the donations promote both quality and uniformity. Devos aims to reduce federal encroachment and empower local communities, states, and families.

The proposed charter and voucher system is attractive to families experiencing financial difficulties. Also, ethnic minorities, religious and ideological convictions differing from the mainstream will benefit. The aim is to make private schooling accessible to all children. Betsy is a welcome remedy to the education problems the nation is experiencing.

  • Bureaucratic liberation

Educational philosophies Betsy DeVos proposes will liberate American school system from any encroachment by the federal government. In the past, the government bypassed communities, families, and states to make critical decisions concerning teacher evaluation, restroom policies, school curriculum, and values conformity. The Devos era signals a departure from that tradition.

  • Freedom of thinking

Her family is widely known for championing rights and liberties of communities, religious groups, and families. The family history places a lot of value on education and emphasizes tolerance in a pluralistic society. It allows diverse communities and families to build their schools and choose which schools they want their families to attend.

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  • Empowerment of families with financial disadvantage

In the Devos educational philosophy, families with financial problems can choose an education that fits their abilities and unique needs. In the current view, the government dictates and determines the use of taxes in education. It creates a sense of responsibility to families, as they will directly shape the way their children interprets and understands the world.

The potential voucher system gives citizens the ability to influence education directly. Moreover, parents can send their children to a variety of schools including those not accessible without vouchers. The system received support from prominent educators and intellectuals like Anthony Bradley and politicians like Cory Booker.

Betsy Devos will be successful because of her dedication. She is a philanthropist with proven record in education reform. She is a holder of a philosophy of education and will reduce bureaucracy in the sector and increase thinking. Also, she is expected to empower financially-disadvantaged families. All these added to her work ethics and connections will guarantee success.

Devos’s path to the secretary of education is different from her past predecessors. Her path best qualifies her because of her accomplishments and her spirit to make things happen. Her strong beliefs and good record together with interactions with educational policy makers and politicians will enable her manager her new role exceptionally.

How to make an impressive investment portfolio like Todd Lubar

All the people want to be successful at something. For most, the ultimate American dream is getting to the top of their investment game and being able to retire early. This is a dream that less than 30 percent of the population is able to achieve. As a matter of fact, about 10 percent of the population controls more than 90 percent of the wealth. This and many other concepts are what investment gurus like Todd Lubar understood before starting their journey to success.

Todd states on his page that the thing that made it possible for him to succeed in investing was the mere fact that he was ready to start early. As soon as he left college, he joined the real estate industry. He started off with mortgage companies and tried to learn everything that he could about the business. He created strong networks with players such as estate property brokers, agents, financial planners and many other players in the market. When he started his referral business, he had many of these people to form the network that he needed.

He then decided to get an equity membership from the Legacy Finance Group. This is what gave him access to the money that he needed to help him grow his businesses. He ventured seriously into real estate and came up with property that was a mix between single family homes and shared property.

He did not forsake his business as a broker. According to his profile, the first business that he created was supervised by the First Magnus Corporation. This way, he was able to complete thousands of transactions something that helped him understand all the different types of clients that he was receiving and their unique loan needs. Other businesses that he has invested in over the time include demolition and the recycling of scrap metal. Both were doing well before he sold them.

The investment expert is currently retired and lives in Florida with his family. He has a wife and kids and when he is not helping people with their investments, he is spending quality time with them. he believes in second chances, and especially the ability of humans to start over and build better. You can contact him, via


How Does Eric Lefkofsky Think Startups Can Leverage Accelerated Disruption?

There are numerous companies out there, each offering its own products or services. Why isn’t there simply one mega multinational corporation, offering all you need for life? Startups are able to survive, when they leverage Eric Lefkofsky’s concept of “Accelerated Disruption.”


“Planned Obsolescence”


In football and business, many war analogies are used. Divide and conquer, seek and destroy, and swimming with the sharks. The concept of “Planned Obsolescence” is one of these unspoken rules of increasing business profits.


Why are modern automobiles “totaled” when they have a minor “fender bender?” Because the plastic, Styrofoam fenders are merely decorative and serve no real protective purpose. Plus, car makers can sell more parts through insurance companies after accidents. View for other details.


“Creative Destruction”


The automobile industry understands “which side of their bread is buttered.” In the 1920’s, there were many fully functioning street cars, making it easy for people to get around using public transportation. Is public transportation good for those selling private cars?




So, the Detroit Captains of Industry started buying up the street cars. “General Motors began systematically buying streetcar lines and then shutting them down, leaving millions of Americans without viable public transportation options. Its motive? To ensure a market for its still-novel personal transportation technology. Rather than walk, the idea was, people would buy Buicks.” Was this an example of “Creative Destruction?”




“Accelerated Disruption”


Another example of this “replacement” strategy was when the Europeans arrived and slaughtered all the American Buffalo. This was an example of “Accelerated Disruption.” The Native-Americans did not need European manufactured foods because they could go out and hunt. So, the Europeans destroyed the wild game. Check this site,


The Europeans were the “new kids on the block.” They established their hegemony, forcing the Native-Americans to give them their business. The startup hopes to do the same. Click Here.


It might have an innovative product or service. Its brand “newness” is a key comparative advantage. Startups can leverage “Accelerated Disruption” by forcing others to purchase their merchandise or accept their market presence. Rather than taking it slow, startup can simply accelerate the evolution process. The “aggressive bird gets the worm.”

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James Dondero Announces $1 Million Challenge Grant from Highland Capital Management to Finish The Family Place’s $16.5 Million Capital Campaign

James Dondero is the Founder and President of the Highland capital management company. In the recent past, he announced that the company is planning to give more than $1 million to the Family Place organisation to aid it in its campaigns against violence in the United States. For Highland capital management, they will issue those funds through the philanthropic arm of the company to support the endeavour of the organisation in Texas and other parts of the company. The Family Place is one of the only companies in the region which take care of the victims of family violence. The company is also planning to raise more than $2.8 million in aid of their plan to ensure they complete the education system which is in association with the company’s development structure. As a matter of fact, they will also continue issuing their services through these funds to make the United States a beer home than ever before.


This grant was administered by the organisation through the philanthropic arm of the Highland capital management company based in Texas. Over 50 percent of the funds have been raised to aid this movement in an unmatched manner in the industry. For the two organisations to have a common goal in business, they must work to determine a better way of getting into the nerves of society. This is the reason why they have developed a system which will acquire more services to counsel and protect the rights of violence victims in the United States.

James Dondero, since the Highland Capital Management Company issued a grant of more than $1 million dollars, they have received more than $200,000 by their trailing events shortly. The Family Place organisation has worked to engage its subordinates in a unconditioned task which will have many people participate in an exceptional achievement through their service production system in the country. According to the Highland Capital Management philanthropic arm statement, they are proud to be part of the solution to attaining a better working environment for the Family Place Organization to act. When families are at war, business is never as usual.


Jeffrey Schneider the Expert of Alternative Investment

Jeffrey Schneider is a recognized figure in the world of investments especially the alternative investment. He has been in the industry for over 20 years, throughout he has been committed to identifying alternative investment, so as to broaden the options for his clients. As a result, he has built a great reputation for himself. He is also the founder of the Ascendant Capital LLC, he is a brilliant investor who has set himself apart from the industry’s equals. Part of his career has been spent working for the Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney where he has gathered knowledge and skills that he has used to start off his business that is aimed at solving the problem in the field that he has passion in.



The Ascendant Capital LLC is Austin-based firm that serves a large number of clients that includes those in the service and marketing industry the mission of the firm is to find alternative investment ideas. The company has raised over $1 billion dollars and has about 30 employees in just 4 years while under the leadership of Jeffrey Schneider. The company has established a network of brokers, private banks as well as registered investment advisors to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their best services as they invest their money in projects.



Jeffry researches, analyses and monitors the industry that he work in. he is of the opinion that the traditional methods of investment that the investors have been using over the past few years should be put on hold and find the other means of making an investment with the consideration of the high volatile market. He advises major corporations during the process of purchasing a business from real estate to the companies in the tech sector. He accepts uniqueness and believes that it can save a company so much to spread their risk in their operations as well as their businesses.



Not only is he a great leader but he also adores keeping fit. He has written widely about the importance of keeping fit and consuming product that are suitable for peoples’ health, he has also communicated this to his team. He runs marathons and takes on holidays and enjoys traveling to places that he has never been before. The lesson that one can get from Schneider one of the most successful entrepreneurs is that no matter how much a person make money or things are going well it is important that one reward himself/herself and take some time off which can improve creativity.



In addition, he has also founded the Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors as well as the Alternative Investment. This companies’ main mission is to work closely so that they can provide their clients with advice on the best alternative investments.

Discover Low Cost Inmate Features With A Leading Network Provider

Find affordable services with your inmate calling needs with the benefits of Securus Technologies. They provide advanced technological features that will extend your talk time with your loved ones and save you money. A recent PRN Newswire article spoke about how they are chosen over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. Their interactive website has everything that you need with the choice of any feature that you see listed. It is as simple as register for an account and getting your feature with an immediate approval. You may be asked to verify your email address.


Don’t Miss Out On Valuable Securus Technologies Features Today


You can video chat with your loved ones over the Vimeo network for a guaranteed high definition picture that is used on their corporate video site. You get complete control over the video and the sound with adjustable picture features on the page. They are proud to announce their mission to provide the highest standard of customer service excellence in the industry by being available when and where you need it. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to stay connected to your loved ones for far less than te competitors. You’re invited to join Securus Technologies today.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can send an inmate a voicemail with no hassle through an access account that allows them to retrieve messages. Call in to a specified number, leave a message, and wait for your loved ones to receive it.


Inmate Picture Mail


Most inmates have kids and they can now receive picture mail that will allow them to grow with their loved ones. They don’t have to miss their child’s next graduation with the convenience of inmate picture mail features offered by Securus Technologies.


Ricardo Tosto: Choosing A Reliable And Reputable Business Attorney

Hiring a good business attorney is a positive step taken towards the success of a business venture. If you are in need of expert guidance or advice pertaining to business, contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for help.

There are proven actions that can serve as a great starting point for sound legal planning. By working with a lawyer early on in the creation of your new business, you can build a sound foundation for your organization while likely saving money.

A knowledgeable business or corporate attorney can help ensure that you are complying with the rules and regulations in your area.

Beyond keeping your organization or company out of legal predicament and being there if any develops, your business lawyer can also be there to provide advice and guidance you need to grow your business.

An experienced lawyer has seen the legal and management problems that are made in business or organization ownership and can steer you in a direction that will best help you meet your organization mission and goals. Attorneys have a vested interest in your business success since without a thriving enterprise, you would have no need for their legal services.

Business attorneys have the expertise to draw up contracts and review contracts created by others. Most legal issues can be prevented before they even occur. This can be done through preventive legal planning.

By having an attorney that is an active participant in the development of your business enterprise, they can help you identify and overcome any legal dilemmas that may be obstacles to your company’ success.

Choosing the right legal counsel is extremely important, and there are numerous benefits to enlisting the services of Ricardo Tosto – a powerful litigator.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho concentrates on business organization law, corporate law, and litigation. Ricardo Tosto represents business organizations and individuals in a wide variety of complex business disagreements, business organization deals and personal litigation matters.

With many years of experience in the industry, whether in the context of negotiation or court trial, Ricardo Tosto understands the value of directing negotiations and communicating complex legal arguments with clarity.



The Travels Of ‘The Greyhoiund Diaries’ Continue For Doug Levitt

Inequality and poverty have been a major theme for politicians across the U.S. for a number of years, but very few people have looked as closely at this problem as singer songwriter Doug Levitt has in ‘The Greyhound Diaries’. Levitt has a long history as a journalist and broadcaster with major U.S. news networks that saw him based in London; after turning his back on the life of a journalist Levitt set out to explore why 37 million people in the U.S. were living below the poverty line in 2004.


Doug Levitt had always felt as though he was an artist trapped in a career as a journalist and broadcaster; the death of his own father is often cited by Levitt as a driving force he tried to ignore that has led him back to life as a working artist. It was in London during his stint as a foreign correspondent that Doug Levitt began playing with bands and decided to seek a new career as an artist working with multiple media options that would eventually lead to him beginning his journey of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’.


For Doug Levitt the WPA era recordings and writings that brought news of The Great Depression to the people of the U.S. and the world have been an influence and inspiration as he has traveled the U.S. as a bus passenger talking to his fellow travelers on lengthy journeys. Doug Levitt believes the problem many people have with news about poverty and inequality is the fact many facts and figures are quoted, but the stories behind the numbers are rarely told as the lives of those in the greatest need are often ignored by the global media.


Doug Levitt has looked to use ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ to create a new level of understanding he hopes will bring a greater level of empathy between people on each side of the poverty line. One aspect of his travels that has given Levitt much encouragement is the way the people of America can come together in even the hardest of times to look for a better future that often begins on a long distance bus journey.

Magnises CEO Bily McFarland Succeeds By Addressing His Millennial Niche Market

When Billy McFarland, of the black Magnises card went about in devising a product, he knew his niche market. He knew precisely what his niche market—that being, the Millennials desired. One thing is certain: professional Millennials were interested in being locked into varying areas of the city. They wished to be connected to the cultural aspect of the city.

They enjoy great dining and entertainment experiences. They prefer a sense of theme or ambience when they visit their preferred venues. They like to socially connect with persons which they can easily relate.

Billy McFarland, also knew his niche carried with them a bank card or debit card. He wanted to add a magnetic strip to his product-offering so his niche market could easily tie it to a debit or bank card in order to pay for purchases. He sent his card to China wherein he found a place that put this idea into motion.

Next, he wanted to connect his co-peers to activities in the city. He came up with a host of ideas. He was able to partner with the city’s trendiest venues.

The partners agreed to provide McFarland’s with great discounts; and McFarland promised to bring these partners the business and disposable income of the Millennial.

Billy McFarland then looked at the competition: Was there competition? Well, sort of. . . he thought of the Amex black card with an annual fee of $2,500. Of course, the Amex card was a credit card, and his card provided a handy pay option with the tie-in of the user’s bank account card or debit card.

According to Fortune, since Billy McFarland was thinking of making his card as economical as possible: he came up with a membership fee of $250.00 annually. Two-hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) compared to $2,500.00–Yeah: he was on the right track here.

He next considered his discounting opportunities: his idea was to make the entertainment provided to his niche audience as cool as possible–since his theme-based card was all about cool. He eventually provided a penthouse location with an open bar and a means for his Millennial audience to easily connect, within a high-end hotel.

He next arranged for custom discounted packages for some of the city’s most premier and trendiest locations, in the way of dining, live entertainment, late night DJ sets, private concerts and more.

McFarland mentioned that the Magnises company is constantly thinking about ways to expand upon the amenities they provide. He wants to assure the Millennial set, which he is dedicated in serving, receives the best, benefit-wise, in the way of unique social and cultural activities–activities that may have a price sticker too high for some–if they did not carry a cool metal Magnises bold black card.

The amenities list is endless and there is truly something for each and every “cool” enthusiast: thanks to Magnises CEO, McFarland, and his vision.

Thor Halvorssen: A Renowned Human Rights Lawyer

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer, and human rights advocate with contributions in the areas of individual rights, public interest advocacy, public policy and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly gathering depicted by The Economist as being a “spectacular human-rights festival that is almost becoming a human-rights version of Davos economic forum. Thor is the principal at the Human Rights Foundation. He founded the Moving Picture Institute, and he is a patron at a Czech-based Children’s Peace forum.

Halvorssen has aired his opinions in The New York Times, National Public Radio, National Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine and The Washington Post. Some of the television outlets he has appeared on include BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor- a Fox News Channel, CNN and HBO among others. In October 2010, Thor was a speaker at the Pennsylvania University. The New York Times describes Thor Halvorssen as an advocate for the underdog as well as the powerless.

Thor began his career as a human rights lawyer while still an adolescent in 1989 by organizing opposition to the South African apartheid. Thor has a background in Norway and Venezuela. He became fully involved in individual rights after his dad’s political imprisonment in Venezuela.

In 2004 he established a Human Rights Foundation in New York after his mom got shot during a political demonstration. The foundation is committed to freeing political prisoners as well as fostering democracy and tolerance across Latin America. Since its inception, the organization has managed to provide evidence to Truth Commissions, release seven prisoners of conscience and submit amicus briefs in international human rights lawsuits.

Thor has two published books, one on individual rights and the other one on the responsibilities of the state. He has specialized in matters regarding human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships and threats to democracy.

Thor has lectured extensively on the topic of human rights. Some of the places he has taught include the Harvard Law School, the New York’s United Nations Association, the American Enterprise Institute and the New York City’s Junto. for more.