The Thor Halvorssen Effect

The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation is probably one of the most prolific organizations fighting against dictatorships in the world. Since 2004 Thor Halvorssen has used the Human Rights Foundation to provide a platform for activists who want to create open societies. His work has frequently been featured in the news and he has often received accolades, but there is so much more behind why he has made such a serious efforts to try to help others. Although he lives a rather privileged life in the United States, he has not forgotten about his family in Venezuela and the things that have happened in his birth country. Thor wants to eradicate that sort of oppression from the face of the Earth. Watch Video Here .

Changing His Birth Country

His home country has a long history of rule by oppressive rulers. Under these rulers the people live in horrific conditions and suffer from all sorts of abuses. His family has actually experienced much of this abuse firsthand. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was actually arrested because of his efforts to investigate potential ties between drug dealers and government officials. While in prison he was beat and he was placed under arrest. Beyond that he has also seen a family member killed. In 2004, the same year he founded the Human Rights Foundation, his mother Hilda Mendoza was killed during a protest against Hugo Chavez. The men who killed her were never convicted. Events such as these have shaped his and motivated him to change the country he was born in. It isn’t an easy thing to do but he refuses to allow the tragedies that have struck his life to take their toll on anyone else.

About Thor Halvorssen

Halvorssen is one of the most well-known activists of our time. His work through the Human Rights Foundation has ensured that people across the world are able to live better lives and protect their freedom. Beyond his work as an activist he is also an accomplished filmmaker with many highly acclaimed films in his record. for more.

Securus Allows Prison Officials to Analyze Inmate Behavior

Prisoners do have rights while they are incarcerated. A correction’s officer cannot wrongly accuse them of committing a crime without having the evidence to back up their accusation. As any good law enforcement official knows, gathering evidence is not always an easy thing to do. Remember, it is not what you know; it’s what you can prove.


Securus communications systems are very important to the penal system. The reason why this technology is so vital has to do with its ability to monitor inmates who are located inside of a prison cell. That’s right, Securus technology is often used to accrue information about inmate criminal behavior while they are behind bars.


This is an important part of the penal system. The fact is that many inmates often do illegal things behind bars. These activities have the potential to harm people on the outside and on the inside of correctional facilities. So, it is often necessary for correction’s officers to monitor the cell of any inmate who is suspected of illegal activities while behind bars.


Inmates have a tendency to talk about the crimes they are involved in. The reality is that many inmates are locked away behind bars and they get comfortable with revealing information about previous and current crimes. As a result, many incarcerated inmates are convicted of the crimes that they commit.


Prison officials praise Securus technology with keeping criminal locked behind bars. The cell monitoring equipment is necessary for keeping criminals from overrunning correctional facilities. It is also necessary for keeping felons from controlling criminal activities out on the street.


Securus monitoring technology is often an integral part of the corrections system. This system ensures that criminals are being kept under control and are not allowed to carry out their illegal agendas. Ultimately, Securus is given high remarks by many wardens and their officers who use this system to help maintain order and control within their facilities.

Sujit Choudhry: Building Precedent in Comparative Law

Comparative Law is the study of the differences and similarities between the laws of different nations. It studies the differences in legal systems which include common law, Canon Law, Jewish Law and Islamic Law. Comparative Law has become more significant in recent years due to the increase in economic globalization and the expansion of democracy. It is becoming more common for legislators to consider the affect that a new domestic law will have on a foreign country before drafting new legislation. In the United States, Sujit Choudhry, Law Professor at UC, Berkeley, is considered the authority on Comparative Law.

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Sujit Choudhry earned a B.A. in law from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. From there he would go on to earn his LL.B. from the University of Toronto and his LL.M. from Harvard Law School. It is important to point out that he has earned law degrees from 3 different countries. Since 1999, Choudhry has taught law at the University of Toronto and the New York University of Law. In 2014, he became the Dean of the University of California Berkeley’s School of Law.  Check

Sujit Choudhry has conducted extensive research on constitutional design for emerging democracies. His research is focused on using constitutional design to transition from violent conflict to democratic politics in ethnically divided countries. Choudhry has written several books on the topic. In 2006 he published The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and in 2008 he released Constitutional Design for Divided Societies.  Read more on

He has also published dozens of articles and working papers on the topic.

Sujit Choudhry’s research and publications have made him the authority on comparative constitutional law. This has created a great deal of demand for his advise. He has worked as an advisor in building constitutions for almost a dozen nations, including Jordan, South Africa and Tunisia. Choudhry is a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and has been a consultant to the World Bank Institute. He is also the Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Choudhry’s field experience in concert with his research has been instrumental in building global democracy.  To read more, check his page

Sujit Choudhry’s experience has inspired him to write his latest book, Constitution Making. The book has contributions from several academic notables. It includes case studies that examine the complexities of making constitutions in the modern age. The book includes a study in the constitutional building process that occurred in South Africa, Spain and the countries that experienced the “Arab Spring”. Sujit Choudhry’s work is building a path of precedent in Comparative Law.  See

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Thinking Outside The Box Of The Lip Balm World

Lip balm is an essential necessity in every girl’s purse nowadays. It keeps lips moisturized from chapping, smooth, and protected from harsh sunlight. When shopping for lip balm at the store it looked quite ordinary and did not inspire much creativity. Lip balms looked even clinical and quite boring. One company wanted to think outside the box and market a new, better lip balm to allure and excited women to use it.

A company was born out of innovation and would Target women between the ages of 25-35. They are called EOS lip balm and you have probably heard of them by now. EOS lip balm would appeal to all their senses like smell, touch, and taste. Its round egg-like shape looked completely different from its cylinder-like counterparts. The flavors are out of their world like passion fruit, pomegranate raspberry, and vanilla bean. This was a new thing to the original lip balms that had flavorless, mint, or cherry flavor. EOS is fun and delightful to use and might be thought of as whimsical. Their tagline even says “The lip balm that makes you smile”, very fitting. This new and inventive lip balm is also organic, which really appeals to health-conscious folks. The world is become more and more aware of what they consume and put on their bodies. Celebrities even jumped on board to endorse this amazingly fresh and cool lip balm. The likes of Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian promoted EOS by featuring it in music videos, starred in EOS commercials, and magazines ads. It has become so popular that it is the second best selling lip balm in the country. There are no limits for this skin care company and the future looks very bright for them. There is no doubt that they will keep growing.


End Citizens United Anticipates Public Recognition in 2016 US Elections

End Citizens United is a newly-formed Political Action Committee (PAC) that aspires to make its agenda famous in 2016 by changing the campaign financial system of the US. It plans to contribute millions of dollars to Democratic candidates vying for available House and Senate seats all over the country. The group, which was inaugurated in August 2016, has so far collected over $2 million from small donors. However, its communications director, Richard Carbo, mentioned that the group is projected to raise between $25 million and $30 million in the future. Currently, it has received 136,000 donations that amount to an average of $14.86.

The Goal of the Group

End Citizens United aims to pass a constitutional amendment that would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision, Citizens United, which came into effect in 2010. The Court’s decision established a platform for the rise of super PACs and unleashed a network of dirty politics money. However, campaign finance experts are doubtful of the group’s goal because it requires a constitutional amendment, which includes winning consent from two-thirds of the House and Senate and a ratification passed by at least 75 percent of the US States.

So far, over 325,000 people have signed the group’s petitions, which demanded Congress to pass the legislation. However, this figure is expected to rise since the group has collaborated with “Ready for Hillary” movement. Furthermore, it announced its endorsement of 11 Democratic Candidates, for instance, Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and the former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Carbo cited that the group was unique compared to other PACs that solely focused on changing campaign financial systems. This was because End Citizens United wanted to implement an actionable platform for addressing the political side of its mandate by actualizing the election of people who would reform the existing laws. Rick Hasen, an expert in campaign finance, mentioned that a change of at least one Supreme Court justice was more likely to institute reforms than electing sympathetic leaders.

Why the PAC will not Support Republican Candidates

End Citizens Committee indicated that it was not supporting Republicans. This was because the Republican leadership was vehemently opposing attempts to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision. The group added that it would offer its support to Democratic candidates who were championing for campaign finance reforms.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a PAC funded by local level donors. It was founded in March 2015 and is committed to changing the country’s campaign finance system and stopping the undesirable effects of Citizens United. It aims to show the nation how the grassroots are fighting against the increasing impudence of billionaires who were buying elections. The group seeks to achieve its mission of stopping the rigged political system through electing pro-reform candidates and creating massive public awareness.

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This was a kit that includes a wide range of drugs that you will love, and they will make you a different person after you are done using the ones that you need from This detoxification program that will run through 20 days is guaranteed to make your body cleaner than it has ever been.



The act of cleansing your body with has so many benefits that EarhtlyBodies highlights as:



  1. Skin rejuvenation
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  4. A boosted immune system
  5. A cleaner digestive tract
  6. You will be able to ward away any diseases easily


The body will be feeling better after you take their drugs which are supplements from designed to make your body clean and better than it has ever been.



The Seven Herbal Formulas in This Kit



  1. Blood and Lymphatic Formula- this one will help clean the blood and lymphatic system. The formula will also remove the toxins, the fat cells and assist with the cleaning up of the skin to make you look better and increase your health to higher standards. When the blood is clean, you will be back to optimized health.
  2. Cardiovascular Cleanse Formula- the heart needs to be cleansed for it to function at peak specifications. When you take this, you will experience better health, the vessels and heart that transport blood will work at a higher level, the heartbeats will come in a regular manner, and you will have overall good heart health.
  3. Liver and Spleen Formula- this one will stimulate the bile production in a healthy manner. It will also support the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. You will also have the release of toxins and waste from the body thanks to Dherbs.
  4. Lung and Respiratory Formula- the lungs are vital for the proper breathing and betterment of your health. When you are breathing easy, you will have no problems with your respiratory system. It will take out the toxins and dirt that clog your lungs up.
  5. Kidney Bladder and Adrenal Formula- this one will ensure that the body is being kept clean because the kidneys are responsible for the removal of toxins. All the neighboring organs will have a thorough cleansing ensuring that the urinary tract also works as a German train schedule.
  6. Colon Digestive Tract Formula- this one will help you get a clean digestive tract that will ensure the food is processed properly. You will have no problems dealing with the processes that involve ingestion and digestion.
  7. Carbon- this one has the quality of taking away the dirt and leaving you feeling top notch.


In Conclusion



There is a ten-page book from the website that will act as the guide through the process. You will be feeling clean as a whistle when you are done with these detox drugs.

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Want the Megan Fox Bod? Here’s How She Stays Fit!


Megan Fox is well known for her many roles in movies in the Hollywood world today, and some of her extremely memorable performances in PG 13 horror movies. But like many young women out there, I was curious as to how she keeps her shape so perfect for her roles in movies and for her glamour on the red carpet. The solution? She follows a Harley diet plan called the 5 Factor Diet Plan. And she sticks to it (which just may be the key, in all honesty!).

The 5 Factor Diet plan allows you to eat five small meals throughout the day. Megan Fox sexy body surprisingly allows you to set aside a cheat day, when she can treat herself and eat whatever she wants. To get down to the specifics, Fox ignores all processed food including bread, the classic potato chips, and even whole grain items (which tend to be bad for those watching the scale, without even realizing it). For carbohydrates, she turns to vegetables and fruits to fill that nutrient category. For her Vitamin E for the day, she turns to a handful of almonds, which is the perfect snack for those who are health conscious. She ignores the creamy ranch when it comes to salads and uses apple cider vinegar to pour, and never misses her two egg whites at breakfast.

Although there are other aspects to how Megan Fox maintains her figure, this diet is one of the biggest contributors to her slim frame. This Harley diet plan is a good resource for those who want to make a lifelong health change, not just shed a few. Interested?

Desiree Perez and Tidal Company are taking over the Music Streaming Industry

Tidal is a company that people, especially the youth, are thrilled about due to their high quality and captivating music. Jay Z started this business, and many never thought it would last long because of other already existing successful and liked music streaming companies. This, however, changed when Tidal Company hired Desiree Perez, a competent and dedicated executive who had a thriving business in Manhattan. She came and turned the tables around leaving the already established popular companies almost out of business.  Click on for more.


Music streaming companies are outsourcing their operations to managed service providers due to the dedication and hard work required. This, however, is not the case for Desiree Perez who knows the way to go in the music streaming business. Using her knowledge in the field, she came up with strategic plans that enabled Tidal to compete with renowned music streaming companies: Pandora and Spotify. This has in turn brought enormous profits for the Tidal Business. Through Desiree Perez and her husband, Juan Perez, Tidal Business became a streaming service owned by famous artists themselves. has this.


Desiree Perez owns her work and does it with a passion. She works and closes her deals for the benefit of both the artist and Tidal Company. Due to her efforts, many people have signed for Tidal. The company has become the topic of discussion in media houses following a release of a couple of albums by its co-owners: Kanye West, Rihanna, T.I, and Beyoncé.

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Her strong negotiation and managerial skills combined with her accounting abilities have helped finalize a deal for Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium Tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. She has been a member of the influential Hova Circle which is the entirety of Roc Nation and Tidal Business. She has managed to balance the interests of the Tidal customers, the artists, and the company profits. Desire appeases the artists who want to get a good pay through music streaming by making their customers commit to acquiring more subscriptions.

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Fabletics: A Global Business

Who would have thought that Yoga pants and other fitness outfits could create a global business? But, Kate Hudson and her partners have managed to do it. They have turned their passion for fitness into a multi-million business on

Kate Hudson is the brains behind the business idea. It is the desire to see people get access to affordable activewear that inspired the business idea.

Initially, Fabletics was established as an online based retail store. However, after achieving great success, the management team on Huffington Post decided to open a retail store for people to access the items easily. That is what boosted their growth last year.

Fabletics was picked up by the TechStyle- a Fashion group. With Kate Hudson on the wheel, the Company tripled their sales in the last three years. Having a strong team like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, Fabletics is giving brands like Nike and Lululemon a run for their money.

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The four factors that have made the partnership so successful;

v Keeping the manufacturing in-house; this will ensure a speedy manufacturing process while still maintaining the quality of the products.

v Establish a relationship with the clients; they make sure that they have information about the customer by requesting them to fill in a survey form. They then use the information provided to give personalized services to their clients.

v Build trust; trust is what will create loyal the customers.

v Make way for improvement; for the business to succeed, they have to keep looking for different opportunities to grow the business.

The company’ website recently underwent an upgrade in their customer service department so that they enhance their services.

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler co-founded the JustFab Company in 2010 with Adam Goldenberg. It has since included other companies including; FabKids, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and JustFab. Today, the group of companies operates under the name TechStyle Fashion Group. In 2011, Kimora Lee Simons joined the Company as the President and the Creative Director.

Don has also co-founded other companies including Intelligent Beauty and FitnessHeaven. He served as the co-Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Beauty and as the Chief Operating Officer and the President of FitnessHeaven. The other companies that he co-founded include; Alena Media and Brand Ideas.

Over the years, he has earned a reputation for being a brand-building guru. Don helped to raise over $100 million for the different online companies he was working for.

Learn more about Don Ressler: