Review of Wengies Apartment Tour

Youtube hires a large host of professional and amateur vloggers to produce content and post it on their site. This attracts and encourages regular viewership, which in turn helps attract advertisers. Because payment is dependent on the number of views to the channel, videos can be on any subject. It is up to the individual producer to choose what cant and they want to post to their viewers.


One such professional Youtube vlogger is Wengie. Wengie is a young Australian born woman of Asian descent. Her channel, titled after her screen name, is primarily a combination of personal blog and health or beauty tips for women. Her unique cultural background and enthusiasm for travel also provides a number of interesting and entertaining insights for those who care to watch.


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It is of a more personal variety, however Wengie offers a few tips of her own on interior decorating for those viewers who see something they like.


One interesting item displayed in the video is what Wengie calls her double ladder shelf. Located directly in the living room, this item is exactly what it sounds like. Painted pure white but composed of only two planks of wood stacked between two ladders, it makes for a visually interesting addition to the furniture. It is also fairly practical, being easy to make if you have the necessary pieces of home equipment lying around unused. While it does takes up a bit of room, it also offers more storage space than a traditional end table and is easier to carry around and disassemble than a display cabinet. It is ideal for storing items that you frequently pick up and use as you travel through the house, as well as putting your nicer objects on display.


Regular subscribers to Wengie’s channel are often those who seek out practical style and beauty tips for use in the home. However, observing the technical details in her videos can also be of use to any one who is interested in producing and posting their own content on Youtube.


The Endeavours Of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza was born on March 9, 1976. He is a half Norwegian and half Venezuelan. Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and advocate. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Economist described the organization as a “spectacular human right festival that is on its way to becoming a human right equivalent of The Davos Economic Forum.”

Thor Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Thor serves as the President of Human Right Foundation. It is an organization that is committed and dedicated to fighting for global human rights and freedom. He is also the Patron of On Own Feet and Children’s Peace movement that is based in the Czech Republic.

Thor’s paternal grandfather was the Norwegian King’s Consul in Venezuela during the Second World War His mother is descendent from Venezuela’s first President. Thor has been no stranger to facing hurdles when dealing with people in powerful positions. His father was arrested by the Venezuelan police after he exposed the corrupt nature of the government while he worked as a Venezuela’s drug mogul. His mother was caught in the shootout that erupted between protesters and police officers in Venezuela in an anti-Hugo Chaves demonstration.

Thor has continuously stated that he loves the people, and he would always fight for what is genuine and just. He replaced Vaclav Havel as the Chairperson of HRF with Garry Kasparov in 2011. Kasparov was assaulted and arrested by Russian police while leading a protest for the verdict of Pussy Riot. Halvorssen at Facebook.

In 2010, Thor Harlvorssen was beaten and assaulted. He and is cameraperson had traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to cover an interview with Quang Do. The vocal leader had been under house arrest for the past 28 years. As they left the monastery, Thor was apprehended by the Vietnamese police and detained. He was released after he lied to them that he was a Buddhist seeker. His cameraperson managed to escape using the side door. It was funny when he recounted how he hid the video card in his rectum! for more .

How Highland Capital Management Evolved from Being a Fixed Income Advisor to a Credit Management Advisor

Highland Capital Management is a renowned SEC-registered investment management venture. The venture boasts an extensive investment management portfolio valued at $14.9 billion. Highland Capital provides clients a number of credit solutions. These include credit hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations, and private equity.


The company’s investment management portfolio encompasses long and short investments, natural resources, and emerging markets. Government agencies, foundations, public pension plans, financial institutions, and endowments usually seek these credit solutions. Highland Capital Management maintains its head office in Dallas. It also maintains other satellite offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore, as well as Sao Paulo.




Since 1993, Highland Capital’s services have always focused on positioning the company top in the international alternative credit management market. Today, Highland Capital is regarded as a pioneer in the development of loan and collateralized loan obligation (CLO) markets. The firm is also the largest CLO manager in the entire U.S. Through a bold mission to remain an independently owned credit manager; the company focuses on solutions rather than products.


Brief History


The success story of Highland Capital Management began in 1990 when it was established. Mark Okada and James Dondero are regarded as the brains behind the firm. Back then, the two came up with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The joint venture solely focused on fixed income markets and managing secured bank loans. Protective Life Insurance Corporation was rebranded to Protective Asset Management Company after the SEC accredited it.


Protective Life owned 60 percent of its shares while the two founders owned 40 percent. The joint venture was also renamed to Ranger Asset Management after Dondero and Okada managed to buy Protective Life’s shares in 1997. Ranger Asset later became Highland Capital Management, an independent SEC-accredited advisor.


Over the last two decades, Highland Capital has evolved into a global and experienced alternative credit manager. It also boasts a leadership team that comprises of veteran investment specialists. The company’s investment philosophy is to produce above average and consistent results. Its leadership team ensured that these results were achieved through the application of tested and effective principles of investing.





Eric Pulier Follows Arcing Career Path to Tech Stardom

If you’ve spent any measure of time in the Los Angeles technology scene then you’ve likely heard of Eric Pulier. Right now Eric Pulier is riding high on the success that his innovative foundation XPrize is having. However, Eric Pulier is way more than just his work at XPrize — he is one of the most innovative and exciting entrepreneurs in the game. Pulier has established himself every step of his career arc and we are going to analyze those steps. If you want to make it in the tech field, maybe following in Pulier’s steps wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


To start things out we should probably go to Pulier’s childhood. Don’t roll your eyes yet, this is worth knowing. Eric Pulier grew up in the ’80s before the computers were so relevant like they are today. Despite this fact Pulier was fascinated. By fourth grade Eric Pulier was programming his own computers. By the time Pulier graduated from high school he was running his own computer database company. Now it was the mid-80s and Pulier knew it was time to leave his home, New Jersey. Next up was college: Harvard.


Pulier maneuvered into Ivy league as easy as anything else in his life. Pulier graduated from Harvard Magna Cum Laude. Along the way Pulier established himself as an editor and writer for the school paper — the Harvard Crimson. Pulier touched on subjects that would not become commonplace until much later on in our lives – terrorism, geopolitcs, and other stigmas of the day and the future. Pulier finished up with Harvard and moved to Los Angeles, ready to start his carer in the tech field.


What followed was a rapid ascent up the ranks as Eric Pulier made his mark on the tech world early. By 1991 Pulier had already started his first company, People Doing Things. This company focused on tech in the health care and education industries. From here Pulier was ready to roll. He’s since founded a handful of his own companies, including some important work in philanthropy. This seems to be only the beginning for Eric Pulier.


Backwards Success: Using Reverse Showrooming to Win

Kate Hudson was inspired to found Fabletics when she uncovered an unmet market niche. She found many athletic fashion options for women with high incomes and women with modest incomes, but little to appeal to the middle income market. Combining her flair for fashion with her interest in exercise and healthy living, Kate began offering Fabletics directly to the public, bypassing the traditional brick and mortar route.


Subscription anyone?

Fabletics was not designed to cater to the single-item purchaser. They wanted a dedicated audience of repeat buyers to build a strong company. However, other subscription companies were subject to criticism from their customers for poor customer service, quality issues and contract complaints. To address these issues, Fabletics crafted a subscription system that could support long-term membership.


Fabletics based the subscription on unique, fashion-forward athlesure clothing of high quality. They designed a customer service group destined to cater to the needs of the customer rather than the needs of the company and they ensured that any subscriber could opt out easily. To sweeten the deal, Fabletics showered the subscription base with coupons, discounts, easy return options and special offers, effectively constructing a deal too good to refuse.


Standing Behind her Name: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, learned business management at her mother’s knee through the Hawn Foundation. She saw how her mother battled daily for her vision for the foundation against the advice of more experienced people. By keeping that vision at the center of her foundation, she brought it to fruition.


Hudson is also a hands-on person at Fablectics, rather than a spokes-model. She stays connected to the company, ready to eliminate products that don’t produce and expand on themes that do.


Five Fabletics Success Tips

Hudson founded her company on five simple strategies that certainly seem to be working for her. First, she found an opportunity in the marketplace that was not crowded with competitors. Second, she stays involved – she didn’t just lend her name and leave; she is in there working her brand. Third, she uses the power of big data to find and attract her audience – an essential tactic in a business that relies on subscription support. Forth, she follows her own inspiration. She is not a designer, but she feels she has an understanding of what will work and she used that to feed her success. Lastly, she takes risks. Hudson feels our sojourn on this planet is very short so we should be unafraid to take a step off the well-worn path.


Fabletics is now opening shops in malls everywhere, all of which support the subscription system with its associated codes and discounts, and her business is growing each year.

Grow Your Assets with Exception Grow Your Assets with Exceptional Fund Managersal Fund Managers

Tim Armour is the Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group Companies, a top-rated financial investment management firm established in 1931 based in Los Angeles, California. He also chairs the group’s subsidiaries. The company provides financial investment services and asset management including underwriting mutual funds. In a recent interview, Tim Armour was vocal about the need to find experienced and smart fund managers.

He believes the decision on whether to invest in a passive or active fund should have little bearing on the performance of your portfolio. A smart investment should be low cost, simple and deliver good long-term returns. It is important to thoroughly research and understand the dynamics of individual assets. Tim was commenting on a quote by Warren Buffet that he can get better returns from an investment in a passive fund than a group of hedge fund managers.

Tim also challenges the impression that index funds are a safe bet. He notes that the funds are correlated with the markets. They are therefore fully exposed to volatility and economic fluctuations. Tim Armour suggests an exceptional fund manager should have an in-depth understanding of their assets and the markets. This enables them to make solid long-term projections that grow your assets. Click here to know more.

Additionally, active managers who earn their keep should have their money in the same bag as their investors. It shows commitment to outperform the competition well above relevant benchmarks.

Tim Armour has over thirty years’ experience in various roles at the group. He rose through the ranks in the company and was elected to the Chairman position in 2015. Besides setting business strategy at Capital Group Companies, Tim actively manages equity portfolios with a strong focus on global telecoms and service firms in the US. Tim is at the forefront of educating investors to enable them to identify active fund managers who deliver exceptional returns.

Sawyer Howitt is Developing Talent Into A Source Of Income

Most people do not take their talents seriously because talents were not considered as a form of income in the past. Most people study the courses that are considered prestigious and use the skills as a source of income. They later use their talents as a fallback plan in case life changes. This traditional approach is changing in recent time because talents are more embraced in the society. Talent is a source of income.

Sawyer Howitt is an individual who is living his dream through his talent. Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player. He is talented greatly, and he is using his talent as a means to an end. Sawyer is also an entrepreneur. He is a second-year student of Business and Finance. Sawyer Howitt is building a brand of his life by using his talents despite his young age. He plays racquetball for leisure, but his mastery of the game is directing him towards playing the game professionally.

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Sawyer Howitt has created a website where he tackles questions of fellow young people regarding the game. He is an inspiration and a challenge to his colleagues. Sawyer Howitt is currently attending a Portland Trail Blazers game. His mastery of the sport has enabled him to play the game at the national level. This shows that talent can pay like a professional job. People should take their talents seriously and evaluate their skills. Other individuals should assess their skills and use their strengths to their advantage. Talent means everything in the current era.


Paul Mampilly Helps Clients Make Profit

Paul Mampilly was born in India, but now is an American investor. Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited, which is a popular newsletter that focuses on investment. With more than 60,000 subscribers, Paul Mampilly uses his experience as well as his skills and knowledge that he gained while working as a Wall Street insider to help guide them into the stocks that are primed to be able to shoot higher.

Mampilly has a lot of experience working in the investment world. His career started 1991 when he was a researcher assistant for Deutsche Bank. His career took off quickly as he began managing many different multimillion dollar accounts for both ING as well as Bankers Trust. Mampilly has also had the honor of managing the Royal Bank of Scotland’s money as well as a private Swiss bank and Sears. Click here to know more.

Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited, is one of the fastest growing newsletters that is focused on the investment industry. Back in 2009, Mampilly was able to turn a $50 million investment into $88 million. This was done during the height of the financial crisis. Done as an investment competition for the Templeton Foundation, Mampilly was able to take the win.

As part of Mampilly’s newsletter venture, monthly he will recommend a new stock to each of his subscribers who receive his eight page newsletter. Every week subscribers are updated on one or even two different stocks that are in the model portfolio. Mampilly will also track on his website how all of the investments are doing. Mampilly’s subscribers are able to then buy stocks through their brokerage accounts rather than Mampilly investing their capital for them. This gives his subscribers an alternative to how arrangements traditionally happen between clients and their financial advisors. Mampilly helps his clients make the most profitable choices.

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Author Becker Steps Forward With Real Estate Project In Lower Manhattan

Arthur Becker is no longer a silent partner unseen in the background of major real estate deals in places like New York City;

Now 66 years old, with a very successful financial career working with Bear Stearns focused on investing in bio tech and info tech companies, he has his own real estate project. Located in Lower Manhattan at 465 Washington Street in the neighborhood of Tribeca Author Becker is building a luxury condominium consisting of eight units and expected to sell in excess of 52 Million.

But that’s just one part of Author Becker; He has great interest and a vast knowledge in other areas that he combines together in unusual fashion. His collects very old and unusual coin currency from African nations and with his love of art and expression combines the two creating works of art some of which are being reproduced and increased in size for display at various commercial properties most notably in Boston. You can visit Madison Partners for more info.

He also likes crushing Magic 8 Balls and creating art from them as well as using paper currency in an origami fashion.

His business side has always been active and with his investing in tech firms he bought and managed NaviSite, which was a web-hosting company, and then managed a publishing platform known as Zinio before moving on to focus on real estate. He likes paperweights as well and has a lot of them on his desk. Two of them were gifts from his mother who, at age 94, is still going strong. There is also a photograph of his two daughters as he values the support and closeness of family. More details can be found on

Perhaps one of the most interesting and inner thoughts that Author Becker has revealed is that he feels people look to money for comfort, to feel safe; as a sort of god. He feels that money is important be should be used as a resource to do something else.

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The influence that JeanMarie Guenot has had on the success of Amphivena Therapeutics

JeanMarie Guenot is one scientist with many years of experience in biotechnology. She started her career with Amphivena Therapeutics some time back and has been managed to climb through the ranks to her current position. She previously served in the public sector, venture capital, private and commercial corporate environments and many other areas. At the present, Guenot is the CEP of Amphivena and is guiding the team in looking for a suitable treatment for hematologic malignancies.

JeanMarie Guenot started her career at Atlas venture. Her responsibility at the company was to help and mentor other organizations concerned with life science. She then went to Hoffman-LA-Roche and joined the team that was researching on the appropriate treatments for people with metabolic disorders. Her schooling included a medical degree and her area of specialization was physical and medicinal chemistry. She also attained an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of California in San Francisco. She has also in the past been part of a team that was looking for treatments for inflammation oncology and autoimmune diseases on Her concentration at school was empirical and semi-empirical methods in Oncology and autoimmune disorders.

Read more: Maverick Therapeutics and Takeda Announce Five-year Collaboration to Advance T-Cell Engagement Therapies

She has worked in a number of other places including the SKS ocular an institute that looks into ophthalmic therapies. Bio Pharma hired her as an advisor after she attained her MBA. She offered them advice on licensing, acquisition and management of commercial product portfolios. The treatment solutions that they came up with have helped thousands of cancer patients.

She is a dedicated and exemplary leader. The core values that JeanMarie Guenot has always believed in include hard work and adaptability to the many changes that happen in our environment. She believes that the ultimate value of a person is determined by what they give back to the community.

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