The influence that JeanMarie Guenot has had on the success of Amphivena Therapeutics

JeanMarie Guenot is one scientist with many years of experience in biotechnology. She started her career with Amphivena Therapeutics some time back and has been managed to climb through the ranks to her current position. She previously served in the public sector, venture capital, private and commercial corporate environments and many other areas. At the present, Guenot is the CEP of Amphivena and is guiding the team in looking for a suitable treatment for hematologic malignancies.

JeanMarie Guenot started her career at Atlas venture. Her responsibility at the company was to help and mentor other organizations concerned with life science. She then went to Hoffman-LA-Roche and joined the team that was researching on the appropriate treatments for people with metabolic disorders. Her schooling included a medical degree and her area of specialization was physical and medicinal chemistry. She also attained an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of California in San Francisco. She has also in the past been part of a team that was looking for treatments for inflammation oncology and autoimmune diseases on Her concentration at school was empirical and semi-empirical methods in Oncology and autoimmune disorders.

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She has worked in a number of other places including the SKS ocular an institute that looks into ophthalmic therapies. Bio Pharma hired her as an advisor after she attained her MBA. She offered them advice on licensing, acquisition and management of commercial product portfolios. The treatment solutions that they came up with have helped thousands of cancer patients.

She is a dedicated and exemplary leader. The core values that JeanMarie Guenot has always believed in include hard work and adaptability to the many changes that happen in our environment. She believes that the ultimate value of a person is determined by what they give back to the community.

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