The Man Behind Seattle Genetics

The biotech company, Seattle Genetics has been making waves within cancer research circles for years now with a great deal of groundbreaking innovations under it’s belt. The company was the very first to successfully create ADC’s, otherwise known more formally as Antibody Drug Conjagate, a unique and very important type of sophisticated pharmaceutical drug which allows for the direct targeting of cancer cells with cytotoxins which leave healthy, non-infected cells intact and unharmed (unlike chemo treatments). The driving force behind these life saving pharmaceutical innovations is Seattle Genetics co-founder and current chairman of the board of directors, Clay Siegall, a doctor of genetics who graduated from George Washington University.

One of the reasons why Seattle Genetics has become so successful can be attributed directly to Dr. Siegall’s impressive leadership and research. Since graduating, Dr. Siegall has amassed 15 different medical patents and has devoted himself completely to life saving cancer research – research which directly lead to the creation of their newest line of antibody drug conjagates. Not only that, Dr. Siegall has also published over 70 different research papers (a rather impressive output) all specifically related to medical advancements and also holds various positions at three different science journals to help new research with promising ideas get their ideas out into the academic (and hopefully, public) consciousness.

Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership Seattle Genetics’ stock shares have increased in value three-fold in only the course of five short years and has been making headlines the world over due to their groundbreaking cancer treatment research. The company, along with Dr. Siegall’s career, are definitely something to keep one’s eye on.