Makes Huge Strides In Financial Industry

As of December 2016, NexBank has $4.6 billion in assets. NexBank offers mortgage and commercial banking, as well as financial services for institutions. The corporation is committed to meeting the banking needs of large and medium-sized companies, and also works closely with real estate investors.

The NexBank executive team offers a focus on customer service with years of expertise to ensure that individual, institutions and corporate organizations are well served. In December of 2015, NexBank acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The bank specializes in 529 programs for college savings. College Savings Bank will maintain its branding, name and operations as a NexBank division. Both parties anticipated that this merger would be a successful one. The partnership allows both financial institutions to better meet the various needs of clients who want to save for college. A number of savings and investment options are available to make the dream of college a realization for students.

NexBank falls under the NexBank Capital, Inc. umbrella. The bank is a financial services company that serves clients all over the nation. The bank’s charter dates back to 1922, which proves that NexBank has been delivering quality service for quite some time. Potential customers can visit for additional information on the array of financial products offered.