Foreign Troops Are Already Operating Inside America

Foreign Troops Are Already Operating Inside America
FEMA’s denial of a report that suggested Russian forces would be operating inside the United States at “mass events” ignores the manifestly provable fact that Russian and other foreign troops are already active inside the US and have been for at least two decades.

Russian troops training on US soil.

The federal agency was forced to deny a report published by Infowars on Monday which cited an official Russian government press release that detailed a plan for Russian authorities to be involved in the “provision of security at mass events” in the United States.

“There will be “no exchange of security or military personnel” under a recently renewed partnership between the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry, a FEMA spokesman told RIA Novosti.”

“The agreement continues information-sharing meetings and observation opportunities with first responders and emergency managers,” the spokesman said.

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Lakewood Ohio Bans Everything On 4th Of July

Lakwood Ohio Goes Nazi On 4th Of July


The City of Lakewood Ohio will be celebrating July 4th with mandatory bag searches and a ban on all Fourth of July related fun — including fireworks, drinks, grills, pets, sports, and just about everything else.

The anti-independence regulation is a real testament to the current state of our nation, which now stands for heavy bans on all forms of person freedom. But I would have never actually known about this insane ban if it weren’t for a Storyleak reader who sent me the amazing image above. And following my inquiry as to where the image came from, doubting that any city could be so draconian and downright wicked, I was amazed when the reader went and linked me to a page on The Lakewood Observer website which listed all of the same nonsense with official quotes from the city.

As you can see from the ‘Special Park Rules To Be In Effect At Lakewood Park On July 4th’ article posted a week ago on The Lakewood Observer website, all of the same insane regulations are listed clearly as seen on the original sign. The website reads:

“The following rules will be in effect at Lakewood Park on July 4, 2013:

All generators, propane and gas fueled grills are prohibited.
All tents and shelters are prohibited.
Police will be conducting searches of bags and coolers for reasons of public safety.
No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time throughout the year.
No personal fireworks. This includes novelty fireworks like sparklers.
No dogs or pets of any kind will be permitted in the park on July 4th.
The skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts and Kid’s Cove playground will be closed at 7:00 p.m.”

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Green Electric Cars More Harmful To Environment Than Gasoline Cars

Study: Electric cars no greener than gasoline vehicles
Electric cars, despite their supposed green credentials, are among the environmentally dirtiest transportation options, a U.S. researcher suggests.

Electric cars, despite their supposed green credentials, are among the environmentally dirtiest transportation options, a U.S. researcher suggests.

Writing in the journal IEEE Spectrum, researcher Ozzie Zehner says electric cars lead to hidden environmental and health damages and are likely more harmful than gasoline cars and other transportation options.

Electric cars merely shift negative impacts from one place to another, he wrote, and “most electric-car assessments analyze only the charging of the car. This is an important factor indeed. But a more rigorous analysis would consider the environmental impacts over the vehicle’s entire life cycle, from its construction through its operation and on to its eventual retirement at the junkyard.”

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Germany Goes Back To Coal, Obama To Close American Coal Power Plants

Germany Goes Back To Coal, Obama To Close American Coal Power Plants
Germany to go back to coal power plants with less dependence on nuclear power.

Meanwhile, Obama to close American coal power plants.
Why would Obama close American coal power plants that would cause thousands of high paying jobs to vanish and, cause Americans including the poor to pay higher energy costs.
In fact higher energy costs will cause prices for most everything to rise.

Is Obama incompetent or is he doing this on purpose?
We know that the earth has not warmed over the last 15 years. Coal plants already fall under harsh EPA standards and the air has never been cleaner.
The global warming bed wetters want to destroy middle class jobs and, force poor Americans to pay more for the basic right of energy.

America and Europe are working on a free trade deal. Currently energy is 50% cheaper in the USA compared to Europe.
America’s cheaper energy will help American companies compete against European companies.
Under Obama we will see less exports and more imported goods from Europe when Obama raises the cost of energy in America.
No, Obama does not have American workers back. In fact, it seems at every turn Obama destroys the middle class more, and more.

Obama in 2008 stating he will make coal power plants go bankrupt

James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs

James Holmes Wrote And Made Mind Control Programs. After graduating in 2006, Holmes worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies and, Miramar College’s biotechnology summer boot camp, where “cream of the crop” students were given rudimentary laboratory projects.

For his part while at Salk, Holmes wrote in his resume that he designed a computer program to illustrate temporary perceptions of causality and programmed a flicker fusion utility. James Holmes Flicker Fusion Utility. Used in movies and game systems by every day people. Flicker fusion is used in mind control.

More Information on what James Holmes Worked On. In 1991 a professor emeritus of history at California State University named Theodore Roszak, published a novel entitled Flicker. Described as ‘A novel of suspense involving tangled conspiracies and dark obsessions in the mysterious film industry from the author of the highly acclaimed The Making of a Counterculture’ Flicker, a complex mystery set in Los Angeles in the 1970’s, centers around a film student Jonathan Gates and his obsession with a B horror film director Max Castle. This obsession eventually leads Jonathan to discover Castle’s use of subliminal messages, mind control, mood altering imagery secretly embedded into movies with the intent of terrifying the audience.

James Holmes also wrote papers on temporary perceptions of causality Temporary Perceptions Of Causality. Seems James Holmes was into mind control and even wrote a program for mind control.

The main stream news asked questions like did Mr Holmes ever have a girlfriend. We want to know what he studied and, what he wrote. Plus programs Holmes made regarding mind control. There we will find what has caused this terrible action and who is behind it. It’s very odd that a man who had no problems with law or, anyone decided to call himself the Joker and die his hair red and murder people at a movie theater. James Holmes might be the victim of a study gone wrong or, purposely made.

It’s startling to see psychiatrists explaining that James Holmes lived in a fantasy and, was just plain crazy which can easily be explained by the work James Holmes did in flicker fusion.

The true story of how the discovery of flicker potentials, and scientific observations about strange patterns, organized hallucinations, and even the displacement of time derived from stroboscopic light, very nearly resulted in a Dream Machine in every suburban living room. William S. Burroughs said: “Flicker administered under large dosage and repeated later could well lead to overflow of brain areas … Anything that can be done chemically can be done in other ways.” Aldous Huxley called it “an aid to visionary experience.” Seems James Holmes was indeed part of a mind control system gone wrong or, done on purpose. The United Nations treaty to ban weapons in the united States is due for a vote next week. Which would change the US second amendment for ever. Was James Holmes used to bring ridicule to people who own guns and help pass the treaty to ban weapons in the USA. We now know fast and furious was used to blame the second amendment and, to clamp down on gun laws in the united states.
Since Holmes, we have had more questionable acts of terrorism which should had been stopped but were allowed to happen.

Ulta Beauty care company locks women in store for not sharing zip code

Ulta store manager locks women In store for not telling store her zip code.
The women was returning a product and the clerk demanded her zip code.
The women refused to give her zip code because of privacy issues.
The clerk then called the manager who was highly agitated and locked the women in the store and took her receipt.
Companies will tie in your name and address with your credit card and determine where you live along with your phone number.
These companies sale this information and make money off of your personal information.

The store manager refused to give the women her receipt back and locked her in the store.
The women was able to snatch the receipt back from the store manager.

Reasons to never give stores your zip code

Communist To CO-Host CNN Cross Fire

S.E. Cupp of the Blaze will be co-host of CNN crossfire along with former
admitted communist and green jobs Czar Van Jones who worked for the Obama administration.
We look forward to state run television with communist views.
CNN’s state run communist crossfire will run this fall.

Why a admitted communist should have a voice in a country which is a Republic is bizarre in itself.
Crossfire ran from 1982 to 2005 which pitted conservatives against liberals.
In 2013 it will pit conservatives, liberals, and communists in debate.
Welcome to the new America, where communists have a say in your children’s future.
We look forward to having Democrat socialists in the mix of things too.

Don’t expect to learn any facts or truth from crossfire this fall. It will be a battle over
ideology views of socialism , communism. You can bet freedom will not be in any topics.
Just another show with bogus left right talking points. Promoting their ideology with no substance.
A definite show not to watch. Except for the dumb down masses of Americans.

Obama Bed Wetters VS Flat Earth Society

Obama’s Climate Change Speech Ignores Science & EU Experience
The president seems to be unaware that even top climate alarmists have admitted that there has been no evidence of global warming for at least the past 15 years.

Obama Bed Wetters VS Flat Earth Society

Pervert Leads New York Mayor Race

Pervert leads New York Mayor Race, Known Liar Too
Pervert Leads New York Mayor Race According To Polls

Did NSA Have Dirt On Justice Roberts By NSA Wiretapping

Was Chief Justice Roberts Compromised By NSA Wiretapping
NSA whistle blower exposes massive wire tapping of judges, including a supreme court judge.
This may explain why Justice Roberts helped re-write Obamacare twice, to make it legal.
This might explain why Justice Roberts helped Obama care along as a tax.
To the worlds surprise Chief justice Roberts voted in favor of Obama care to massive disbelief.
Did somebody have the dirt on Justice Roberts?