Goals Of The United Nations

Goals Of The United Nations
Don’t be fooled Democracy means new world order. Today they call it global governance.
Below you will read the points from the UN about Democracy, but it’s simple to see what they really mean.
Global governance is what they want, and democracy has nothing to do with it. In fact, democracy always leads to a dictator.

The creation of democratic global governance may be complicated. But the need for it is simple and urgent. Global problems will only get worse if international decision-making is left in the hands of the present undemocratic, exclusive institutions. Therefore we will continue to press for action and public support around the world.
This Charter is addressed to you and all the governments and peoples of the world you represent. It is a demand for global democracy. They mean global dictator.

12 areas for urgent action.

Supporters of the Charter do not necessarily agree with every single proposal below, but we believe that active attention to these issues will lead to constructive solutions for humanity. The people of each country have no say so. Your fate is to be determined by unelected authoritarians.

Strengthen democratic accountability and participation in international decision-making: With the UN having final say.
This Charter is addressed to you and all the governments and peoples of the world you represent. It is a demand for global democracy.
Democracy as in global dictator.

1. Give the UN General Assembly powers to scrutinise the work of UN agencies and other agencies of global governance; create a UN Parliamentary Assembly and an annual Forum of Civil Society; open international institutions to increased participation by civil society and elected representatives from member countries; bring the WTO into the UN system and strengthen co-operation between all international groupings under the UN system. To make all power centralized at the UN.
In this statement the UN admits it is a agency of global governance, or in plain terms world government. Run by unelected individuals with no intention of transparent democracy. But this will lead to a dictator and full blown corruption, all Democracies do.

2. Create within the UN system an accountable, equitable and effective mechanism to monitor, supervise and regulate transnational corporations and financial institutions; and require transnational companies to adhere to an international code of conduct covering agreed principles concerning human rights, the environment and core labour standards. Labor standards to make you a slave.
This means large global companies will be allowed to destroy all competition and the 1% will rule.

3. Give UN institutions an additional and independent source of revenue such as taxation of foreign exchange transactions, aircraft and shipping fuels, arms sales and licensing use of the global commons. Everything will be taxed. The people will pay more in taxes and get less for it.
This includes schemes like the so called Robin Hood tax which is a hoax. The EU is already taxing jets who fly into the EU under cap and trade.

Maintain international peace and security: Security for them tyranny for the people.

4. Reform the UN Security Council to open all decision-making to public scrutiny; phase out the single country veto and permanent membership; establish equitable representation from each region of the world; set up a high level early warning system; prioritise conflict prevention and provide effective authority to mediate and intervene in disputes at an early stage, within national boundaries where necessary.
This basically allows the UN to usurp sovereignty of countries.

5. Establish a permanent, directly recruited UN Rapid Reaction Force to hold the peace in a crisis, police gross violations of human rights and support multilateral defense against aggression and genocide; This is a Global police force.

6. Make the UN register of arms mandatory; ratify and implement the Landmine Ban Treaty; outlaw all weapons of mass destruction; initiate programmes to control the arms trade, convert the arms industry to peaceful production and cut military spending world wide; strengthen accountability to the UN of all international military action; and reduce the size of national armies as part of a multilateral global security system. This will lead to a one world army controlled by unelected officials. People will no longer be allowed to protect themselves. But will be harassed by the international police and military.

Uphold fundamental human rights:
This is to disarm all people and have a one world military. and they give you what rights they deem. Rights they can take away.

7. Strengthen world citizenship based on compliance with and respect for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international instruments on Human Rights, including the six core treaties on economic, social and cultural rights; civil and political rights; racial discrimination; discrimination against women, children’s rights, torture, and the conventions on genocide, refugees and labour standards.
Means world citizenship for global companies and to bring in lower wage workers into other countries.

Strengthen justice under international law:
These human rights are given to you by the UN and can be taken away from you by the UN. God given rights cant be taken away.

8. Ratify the Statute of the International Criminal Court; accept compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and the UN Human Rights Committee; increase the Courts’ powers of enforcement; open the ICJ to individual petition and protect the judicial independence of the ICC.

Promote social progress and better standards of life:
This is to allow police from other countries to work within other countries. Also to usurp a countries laws and replaced with UN laws.

9. Establish a strong UN institution for Economic and Environmental security to promote international prosperity, protect the global commons and secure sustainable development.
This to is for global companies to have complete control without real competition. And to dictate what energy is good or bad and what you must buy and how much energy you can use as a person.

10. Establish an International Environmental Court to enforce international treaties on the environment and protect the global commons.
Again this is to crush competition so the 1% can own and control everything.

11. Declare climate change to be an essential global security interest and establish a high-level international urgent action team to assist the UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change to set a scientifically based global ceiling on greenhouse gas emissions, to allocate national shares of permissible emissions based on convergence to equal per capita rights, and to work with governments, companies, international agencies and NGOs to cut emissions of greenhouse gases to a sustainable level.
This is to let global companies crush all competition. And to make cap and trade global. Where large global companies can afford to pay cap and trade, smaller companies cant and go out of business. Used to consolidate power to a few.

12. Make poverty reduction a global priority: secure universal access to safe drinking water, food security, health care, housing, education, family planning, gender equality, sustainable development and economic opportunities, and strengthen the capacity of development agencies to eliminate malnutrition, preventable diseases and absolute poverty through conservation and equitable sharing of global resources. Cancel the unpayable debts of the poorest nations and institute measures to prevent severe debt burdens from ever building up again.
This means to transfer wealth from richer countries to poorer countries. It is set up to let corporations to own and control all water and set the price of water. Family planning is eugenics. Housing is micro apartments at a higher cost to everyone. Bottom line is to make everyone poorer except the elite and 1%.
Gender equality is to be used as in class warfare.

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