America is Preparing For Major Collapse

America is Preparing For Major Collapse

The Government is secretly preparing for something, the question is what? At the same time they are conditioning the American population to seeing the military on the streets and, at events such as marathons.
A few years ago 400 Massachusetts National Guardsmen were called up to support the 113th running of the Boston Marathon. The guard
was dressed in full combat clothing.
In 2012 the military were on the streets of St Louis again you must ask why is the military training on American streets and cities.
The military never use to train on the streets like they do today. The army is training on the streets of Wisconsin in 2012 as well.

We think we know the reason for all this military training on the streets of America, and why local Police forces are receiving armor trucks and cars. The Government has also purchased over 1000 portable bullet proof check points.

Something bad is coming down, and most people are not prepared.
We see Police check points in Tennesse and other states. The TSA has moved out of the airports and onto the nations interstates. They stop random trucks and search them with drug and bomb sniffing dogs.
DHS has bought over 450 million rounds of .40 cal bullets these bullets are to be used on who? We see TSA at bus stations, train stations, and all sorts of sporting events. It’s only a matter of time before they get guns.

The US War College warns the military must prep for unrest. Exactly what unrest did they mention? Economic unrest.

China’s output is at a three year low and more stimulus may be needed. Across the Globe out put is at it’s lowest since the great recession. Banks already have interest rates set at their lowest ever. Growth is not happening, and things are about to get worse. Much worse than the 2008 crisis. The reason their is no growth in the West is because of massive debt.

In Spain welfare persons are being kicked out of their homes. One family who lived in subsidized (welfare) housing missed three months of rent and were kicked out onto the streets. We see mass protests all over Spain, and this is coming to the United States.

Over 100 million Americans are getting some type of Government welfare. When these people lose their food stamps and section 8 housing they too will be marching on the streets. your politicians over promised and your cities are broke. In California, life guards can retire at age 50 and get 100k a year in pensions. Many city workers get well over 100k a year when they retire. They can also retire at an earlier age than the average working American.

Greece has record unemployment and protests everywhere. People are actually committing suicide with massive increases in drug abuse.

The US cannot afford to keep paying these benefits out. Once the interest rates rise, and they will, all the tax revenue collected will have to be used on the interest on the money borrowed. Which means all benefits will be cut, just like Spain, Italy, and Greece. Once these people lose their welfare benefits, and cops and firemen lose their pensions, they too will be marching on the streets. That is why the US government is training the military to take over police operations. The US cannot keep printing money and borrowing 43 cents on every dollar, it’s not sustainable. At the same time they add millions more to the welfare system. Obama secretly cut the incentive to collect welfare, you must be actively looking for a job, not anymore, just sit home and do nothing.

In Spain you have cops fighting firemen. This will come to America.

The government knows the American people own guns, and lots of them. Be prepared because something big is going to happen soon.
The current system isn’t sustainable and you been lied to by your politicians. Politicians are going to ask for higher taxes to pay for those who don’t want to even try. France is talking of raising taxes to 75% of income on those making over 1 million a year. Those people are already looking to move from France. Be assured you will be forced to pay more taxes. The system cant go on as it is. It’s only commonsense. What does it mean? it means the US is heading to third world status.

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