NWO New World Order

NWO New World Order

CFR and the Control of America

What is wrong with our society today? How did we as a people ever let ourselves be so controlled by a gradually increasing threat to our freedoms, families, and our constitutionally protected rights? These are the questions we have on our minds, whether we realize it or not. This network of control is so complete that trying to explain the fact that it exists today is next to impossible. This is made possible by using the tools of political propaganda, political correctness, behavioral modification, COINTELPRO infiltration, and the attempted control of every facet of our lives. The best example of this control is the one exerted by the Council on Foreign Relations that Dan Smoot detailed in his book The Invisible Government.

In his Farewell Address George Washington on September 17, 1796, warned us about allowing foreign influence and alliances in American affairs and about America’s neutrality stance. He promoted free exchange of “travel and commerce, ideas and culture.” Fast forward to April 1917 when Woodrow Wilson’s war message speech went back on his campaign promise of neutrality of 1916 and entered the country into World War I.

“Save the world … create a world federation of nations” was the catch phrase Wilson used in a May 27, 1916 speech to the League to Enforce Peace where he endorsed the House version of world government. Colonel Edward Mandel House was the political adviser for Wilson, shaped his foreign policy, ran the State Department, and was influential to the international banking families in the United States and Europe.

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Coming Changes By The NWO Was Changed from 1999 to around 2010

A world 2010

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