Hitler Was Never Right Wing He Was Left Wing

Hitler Was Never Right Wing He Was Left Wing

Hitler was never a right winger, Hitler was left wing
Nazism is left wing not right wing. Americans have been scammed to believe that Hitler was right wing.
On a scale, the total left on the scale means total complete control of everything, and everyone. Owned by the state.
Think mayor Bloomberg, he controls what businesses can sell to people like certain foods and banning certain cooking oils, and so on.
On the opposite end of the scale, the far right, is the total absence of any control by anyone or anything, that’s called anarchy.
In the middle is a constitutional republic, Something the people in control today do not want.
Hitler was a socialist and that’s what they don’t want you to know. That’s why they been brainwashing you for all these years. To make you think Nazi’s are right wing. The control on movement of travel, and road check points would all be considered left wing because that is what Hitler did. Under right wing their is no control by anyone.
The people in control today are doing Nazi tactics but, can reflect from being called Nazi’s because right wing is brainwashed into their brains. It is the left who is in power in the US at this time.
The left are not Nazi’s you been taught, but that’s not true.
The truth is, and we all can agree, the people on the right want less Government, less control. And the further you go on this scale to this side it becomes anarchy, which is just as bad as the opposite extreme which is total ownership, control, of everything and everyone. They want this on a global scale.
Socialism is just a little above communism and it always slides into communism, after all they are both isms.
That’s the nature of the beast.
Hitler was a socialist, Nazi literally means German Nationalist Socialistic workers party.
Hitler was never right wing and could never be right wing in a million years. He was a socialist, he socialized everything in Germany.
He made the German people dependent on the Government and him the fuehrer, The Father.
As we see, America is being formed from the bottom up into dependents. It is by design, over half of Americans are dependent on Government in some form.
Obama goes around congress and writes executive orders just like a dictator socialist. Are you beginning to see the picture.
They say anyone who is a believer in their country are patriots and a Nazi. Because Hitler was a Nazi.

Hitler started off a socialist which simply means socializing your country. But if you noticed, Hitler wanted to rule the world and he began conquering other countries just as fast as he could. He talked about the new world order and the new order. Today we see no difference in Republicans and Democrats when it comes to war, just different rhetoric and different means to do it. Which should suggest they to are on board for the new world order.
Hitler had behind him the same people who are bringing about the new world order of today. If you take a look around and see how things are transacting today, you’ll see that these people are no different then Hitler and his lackeys and SS storm troopers like the TSA of today. Who are being brought out of the airports to every street in America in some shape or form.

Had Hitler been at Waco Texas or Ruby Ridge the same outcome would had been the same. Many Americans think those type of things only happen in third world countries, but now you see how fast and far we have become. Christians cheered at what happened to the people at Waco, saying they were a cult, or a fringe group, they don’t count.
Waco was an attack on religion, something our founding fathers wanted, freedom of worship.
Today, we now see the left going after their religious denomination, nobody is cheering today.
You read articles today where college professors say they prefer more of a Eastern system with no individualism, where things are done for the good of the community. A couple flaws with this kind of thinking, when the professor criticizes the Western country nothing happens to him. If he tried that in other countries, criticize government policy he could end up in jail. After all, you cant cause trouble for the community. Which is a lie, it’s to keep those in power in power with no questions.
And for religion, many of these countries where the population has been taught community over individualism, it is, and will always be a control method.
You cant decide what religion you would like to join because many of those countries have religions banned. Which means you get to choose what the government say’s is the communities religions. You have no right to choose, that’s the left.

Meanwhile the left wing Nazi’s in America are going after people’s rights which were guaranteed to us by our creator as individuals. Today, America’s left is trying to take the place of religion and make their left wing Government the preferred religion, meaning the Government is in full control, and the people are poor and dependent on the Government. The Father.

Obama truth squads sent out to arrest anyone who does not agree with Obama. Hitler a left wing Nazi, sent his brown shirts out arrest anyone who disagreed with him.

Left wing military youth brigades for Obama. This will remind you of the left wing Nazi brown shirts. Scary that this is happening, and you can see where it is leading, just read some history.

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