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PositiveID Deal Advances Use of Microchip Implants in Florida Health System

PositiveID (PSID), the microchip implant health record marketer formerly known as VeriChip, has entered into a “strategic alliance” with Innovations Avocare to use its onlined medical records system* in Florida’s various regional healthcare organizations. PositiveID said that integrating Health Link into the system will serve more than 1 million patients.
The alliance brings PositiveID one step closer to its dream of having as many Americans as possible volunteer to have a microchip surgically implanted under their skin that will link to an online database containing their medical records. BNET has previously noted that PositiveID also owns a credit monitoring and identity-theft prevention company, Steel Vault, and that it envisions its chips being linked to Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT) and employers. PositiveID explicitly linked Steel Vault to Health Link in its most recent 10-Q form with the SEC:

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2009, with the acquisition of Steel Vault, the Company intends to pursue its strategy to offer identification tools and technologies for consumers and businesses, including healthcare identification products, initially focused on the Health Link personal health record and the identification security products currently offered by NationalCreditReport.com.

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