United Nations Disarmament Agenda 1961

United Nations Disarmament Agenda 1961

United States arms control disarmament agency date 1961- ” The United States calls on all states to make a continuous uninterrupted offense to achieve a total program for general and complete disarmament” As you see as far back as 1961 they had a program to disarm nations and people. The program had 3 stages. We are now in stage three. Now you know why they keep putting into congress all these bills to make you register your guns and take away certain firearms from you. They want to disarm the American people and they wont stop until they have every firearm in this country or until you say, enough no more, then they will send troops against you and the war will start.

From the United States arms control and disarmament agency publication 4 series 3 released in 1962, is the outline of the disarmament of all nations of the world and, the combining of the military forces and one world military.
State department document 7277 blue print for the peace race has three steps, we are at step three. Step three is preparing the disarmament of the American people. Which is happening today with the UN treaty and other laws congress is trying to slip past the American people.

The agenda to disarm the American people is no secret they write out their plans in full view. The main stream news will not take the time to put together the writing and plans that the UN has. It;s as easy as filing a freedom of information act and just reading their websites. Why do you think the UN building has a pistol with it’s barrel twisted in front of it. The goal is for no people to have arms, and one world police force and military.

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