America Will Become A Third World Nation

America Will Become A Third World Nation

America will become a third world nation. It would take a major shift back to the constitutional government to stop it.

The powers in charge understand this and do all they can to criticize the founding fathers and even consider people who quote the founding fathers as potential terrorists. FEMA even teaches that the founding fathers were terrorists. They say we cant go backwards and must have progress. The constitution inhibits us from moving forward they say. But what is the end goal of their progress?
First, people must understand the constitution is a contract. The constitution tells the government what it can do and cant do. Progressives want the opposite. They prefer that government tells the people what they can do and, cant do.
The constitution says your rights come from God and not government. One way to look at it means your free to do whatever you want as long as you don’t inflict bodily harm on your neighbor or neighbors property. The progressive wants to regulate what you can and cant do. What is a progressive? a progressive is socialist. What is democracy? A democracy is socialist. That is why the founding fathers set up a Republic. A Republic is the only form of government that truly protects everyone’s rights. Democracy ends up making a dictator, the very thing our fore fathers were against.

The progressive has had a plan to change the world. Read tragedy and hope. It pretty much outlines their global plan.
World history is spotted with stories of political conquests: Napoleon, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, the Pharaohs, Hitler, Alexander the Great, and Roman Caesars, each who seized physical control of a country, its economy and assets. The modern day are the men who own and control the Central Banks of the world. America’s Central Bank is the Federal Reserve a private company.

The central banks are on their final coup d’état. You honestly believe the economic conditions of today were not planned. In the elites own writings they state a prolonged agonizing economic condition will be needed to bring in total control.

Everyone is clamoring and demanding for the need to change our banking regulatory system. We thought Congress already fixed this. Folks you been lied to again. “The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory System,” will hand over to the Federal Reserve the last vestiges of our financial sovereignty: savings and loans; state chartered banks; thrifts and credit unions; the entire mortgage and insurance systems, as well as oversight of the Payment and Settlement System of Wall Street. In addition, the Feds would gain oversee rights to all of America’s financial markets. Since, we had MF global, Jamie Dimons huge losses, Libor in England scandal and, more. Your government actually set it up for the banks to regulate themselves, the rest is just BS to make the serf sheep think that the government has your back. They don’t.

Most Americans can’t figure out what is really happening. Your not getting the truth from the TV. How could something like this happen in America? How did people who lived through the Great Depression manage when everything they knew changed overnight? The answer is they were not in debt the way Americans are today. Many families lived on farms where they could raise their own food. The unemployed went and lived on relatives farms. Today, we are dependent on large banks for our mortgage and debt and big grocery stores for our food rather than our own farm. We have massive record student loan defaults, over 1 trillion dollars. Massive credit card bills. Back then nobody had this debt. Today cities and states are broke and claiming bankruptcy. The US government is broke. They borrow 43 cents for every dollar of spending. This cant last and the mega global banks know this. They helped it along and now are suggesting they have the answers. They had the answers from years way back because it was planned. All the worlds central banks now work together through agreements they set up.

The stock market crashed in 1929 as they planned. Certain elites pulled their money out of the market before it crashed, such as the Rockefeller family. All the major elites pulled out their money. The Federal Reserve (private banking cartel) prolonged the problem, they did not put liquidity into the system but took it out, thus exacerbating the Crash and causing the Great Depression. In the after math President Franklin D. Roosevelt took control of all private ownership of gold when he closed the banks down. He also instituted a number of socialistic measures to put Americans to work with infrastructure projects. Today, the Federal Reserve is putting billions of newly printed dollars into the American and global financial system which will increase the interest on the debt that Americans owe to the Federal Reserve. We have no idea, at this time, what that will do to our purchasing power, but you can be sure that it will drop. In fact, the value of the dollar could drop so low that we will have to merge our currency with Canada, Mexico, and that money is already planned, it’s called the Amero. They may set up the Amero as an Special Drawing Right-SDR, a basket of five currencies. The SDR is the currency used by the IMF/World Bank and adopted several years ago by the Bank for International Settlements when they changed from the gold franc to the SDR. Some elites are on record stating we need a one world currency. I suspect it will be a basket of currencies for now.

Our economy has been propped up by debt: mortgages, credit cards, home equity loans, lines of credit, auto loans, tuition loans, medical loans, Treasury bills, notes and bonds, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, commercial loans, business loans, etc. We must also keep in mind that for every loan, interest or a usury, is being collected. We are a debtor nation. We will never be able to pay it back. The central banks plan has worked.

Our entire economy including healthcare and, all of our assets are in the process of being transferred to the Federal Reserve, who now appears to be running the United States of America. Obama care actually states the IRS will collect the tax. The IRS collects taxes and the money goes straight to the federal reserve.
We have been taken over by central banks just as our for fathers warned us. These powerful men and the federal reserve not only control the United States of America but, control the world in conjunction with all of the other central banks.

The takeover of the United States was in 1913, greedy politicians pushing for a central bank garnered enough votes to pass the law giving the federal reserve the power over the money and policy of the United States. What does the federal reserve do? they lend money to the government at interest. The government pays interest on the principal borrowed forever. It never ends and keeps growing, can you imagine interest being paid to you forever? This is usury and is known as bondage. We, the American people are slaves to the federal reserve a private company.

Congress voted over 195 times to give the Federal Reserve more power. In essence, Congress has voted away all their authority and power to protect us, the people. Congress was actually told if they don’t pass the bail outs for the banks they would collapse the country which would cause martial law. Yes it’s very true. The American people are now reduced to serfs and slaves in the New World Order which will be run by the real financial center of the world, the City of London or, other places throughout the world where central banks are located. The elite control the media and many awake people know where the problem is. Places like wall street, you seen how fast those protesters were labeled communist and freaks. If enough people gathered they could put a end to wall street global banks. End them and erase the debt because it’s not the peoples debt it’s the banks debt from their gambling losses. Glass seagull act was taken away in 1999 so these investment banks and regular loan banks could gamble and become one entity. Glass Steagall act kept investment banks separate from the other banks. Glass steagall act was done after the great depression to stop these banks from gambling. In 1999 the global bankers won a huge victory ending the glass steagall act.

With most Americans up to their eyeballs in debt, $45,000 per person we owe on the debt, it is as if we have been led to the slaughter. First the $7 trillion dollar crash of the NASDAQ in 1999 where the value of our stocks and bonds dropped which was followed by 9/11 where the government told Americans to support our economy by “going out to spend”. The Fed accommodated Bush by dropping interest rates to 45 year lows. Dumb Americans went out and purchased all they could. People bought homes who other wise wouldn’t qualify. The banks used deception to get people to borrow even more for homes. They used trickery in interest rates. It is in my opinion this was planned by the global bankers. The Federal Reserve, is coming in for the kill. We have zero growth and more people dependent on the government. We were warned by our for fathers. That’s why the people in charge today hate the founding fathers. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

These robber barons are going to clean up and become the new kings in America, owning homes across the land that they were able to purchase for two cents on the dollar.

Congress will do whatever the Federal Reserve wants, as you see we are becoming a police state. Wall street is one of the most wired security centers in the USA with the help of NY police force.

We have X international bankers who run the treasury and the Federal Reserve. Many who came from wall street.

Future housing in America will be globalized and changed to the same kind of feudalistic structure that the Europeans and Commonwealth countries have. America’s move to feudalism is in the process of being finalized. The backbone of the middle class is home ownership which also includes the property under the building. I believe that the new system will change America’s entire mortgage structure to leasehold, a system used all over Europe whereby individuals will pay a monthly rent to the owner of the property that their house sits on. There will be a total restructuring of property rights in America to fit our new third world status. All of the rights of property ownership will be changed forever. Slowly but surely.

The truth of the matter is that if you are going to have a global currency, you are going to have a global tax. America is the only country NOT to have a tax on services or a Value Added Tax-VAT. Our cities, states and federal government are broke. One of the ways to “bail us out” is to create a VAT tax. Look for that to come up after the 2012 election.

Obama pushed for a carbon tax but couldn’t get enough people on board. So states have implemented their own carbon tax, California’s carbon tax goes into affect in 2013 I believe. Expect this to spread throughout the country. Australia has a cap and trade which started in July 2012. If a person dies in Australia they pay a carbon tax of 55 Australian dollars. Remember all these unbelievable taxes are made to pay the central banks because we are in debt to them.

The bankers have succeeded, More welfare, food stamps and so on. Less jobs, less growth. The central banks have full control, almost, they must disarm the American people. But look for more and new control. Your personal rights are on the agenda. They already have all the money they need.

The answer folks is 1776 and what the founding fathers made for us.

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