Careful Before You Buy From Med_express_sales On Ebay

Ebay buyer sued for giving negative feedback
Anyone that used ebay back in the day as a buyer, or has used it at any time during its life as a seller, will know that feedback is incredibly important. Not only does it give people an idea of the quality of service you provide, but maintaining that 100 per cent positive feedback rating can be deceptively hard as well as somewhat addictive. One company has fallen into this obsessive category, by announcing its intention to take a buyer to court, for not removing a piece of negative feedback when requested.

Ohio based Med Express, is the company in question. It sells old medical equipment like microscopes, an accessory of which, is what one buyer, Amy Nicholls paid $175 for earlier this year. She also paid $12 for shipping, but didn’t bank on receiving an extra $1.44 charge in postage duty when the item arrived.

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