Companies that are interested in micro chipping

What companies are interested in micro chipping People with RFID Chips

A very informative “Mark of the Beast” “spoof” was recently staged on the Internet by Bill Cross.

Bill wanted to try his hand at setting up a website. Bill decided for his first project, “a spoof website of a company peddling the mark of the beast”. So Global Monetary was created with the advertising “Become an IDchip member and Receive $250!”. Not wanting to cause real panic, Bill admittedly laced the site, “with enough clues so that anyone who scrutinized it would know it wasn’t for real and would therefor not panic.” Bill was surprised, “On the first full day of operation the site had more that 4,200 distinct user sessions averaging 6 minutes each”. Emails began pouring in from hysterical Christians, privacy enthusiasts, the media world requesting interviews, and many who recognized it was simply a “joke”.

Realizing things were getting “out of hand”, after just four days, Bill “pulled the plug” on Global Monetary.

Bill also made this “alarming” statement, “I realized that I was getting another kind of visitor to the site: People who actually wanted to receive the mark of the beast just to get in on the IPO. I was totally blind-sided by that. I never expected that to happen. . .” links to show which companies were lurking for information on 666 beast chip this link shows which companies have interest in 666 microchip

Very interestingly major universities and military visited the fake 666 website. In fact here is the top visitors to the fake 666 microchip website.
I would guess the group below is doing research and has a big interest in micro-chipping people.

1. (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
2. (Georgia Tech)
3. (Microsoft Corporation)
4. (IBM)
5. (Christian Broadcasting Network)
6. (United States Air Force)
7. (NASA)
8. (United States Navy)
9. (Intellimark)
10 (American International Group)
Within 4 days of the site being active, colleges, companies, and military organizations were the most active on the fake site promoting a world 666 microchip. More Details

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