‘Debunked’ Obama care RFID Chip Implant Law Hoax

There’s a hoax going around that the health care reform act HR3200 (HR 3962 The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obama care”) requires everyone to get a chip implanted in their body. Answer: that’s not a hoax that’s misinformation. Because the Obama healthcare bill is 3962 and 3590.
HR3200 or any other bill has nothing to do with Obama care only HR 3962 and 3590 is Obama care.
HR 3200 indeed had mandatory RFID chips for implantation. This alone is enough to make logical people realize
the goal is to get RFID chips into the population at some time.

This has already been quite well debunked over on Snopes:


The bottom line is:
Obama care is HR bill 3962 and 3590 not the bogus other bills other websites take you to.
The RFID chip is not debunked or a hoax. It is in Obama care HR bill 3962 which is the true one portion of the Obama care bill.

Question:The proposed law did not require anyone to get anything implanted.
Answer: In bill HR 3962 you do get a rfid chip that’s the affordable health care act or Obama care.
Question:It just created a national registry of a huge of range of medical devices from pacemakers to dental implants Answer: Wrong again, their is two classifications for medical implants. RFID chips fall under class 2
Question: The intent of the registry was to collect statistics on how safe and effective the devices are.
Answer: Wrong RFID chips were granted permission in 2004 by the FDA.

HR3200 is not the bill that passed, but stated you would get a RFID chip. HR 3590 is just another bill of Obamacare or the affordable health care act. Both those bills 3962 and 3590 are the actual Obama care bill Affordable Health Care Act. These two Obama care bills are over 4,000 pages since approved in 2010. Do you know what they have added? starting 2017 you will be required to have a RFID chip.

Obama care HR bill 3962 video proving RFID chips will be used in the future healthcare and for other reasons such as paying debts.

HR 3962 has been revised 5 times. The last revision does not necessarily strike out the previous sections of HR 3962.
The revised sections of 3962 are amendments and changes without stating what was stricken out from the original bill of 3962. As far as we know the original HR 3962 is law along with the added revisions. Remember RFID implants for patient identification was passed by the FDA in 2004. Below link will prove it.

RFID chips page from FDA for implantable RFID chips for patient healthcare and identification.
Radio Frequency Transponder Patient Identification

The above link shows RFID microchips were approved for healthcare implantation since 2004. This has since been taken off the FDA website? Medical device implants with chips were approved and mandated since 1994!
The above link is what was shown on the FDA website pertaining to medical RFID implants.
The original page from FDA site cant be found today since attention was drawn to it.

It states on the FDA website.
Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff Class II Special Controls Guidance Document:Implantable Radio frequency Transponder System for Patient Identification and Health Information (transponder tracks).
Class 2 implantable RFID chip

HR 3962 was revised like 5 times but they only show the amendments. THE LAST amendment does not necessarily cancel out the other amendments. They don’t strike out any of the old provisions which were passed by law. We would have to see the exact copy of the bills given to the supreme court to know exactly what is passed and not passed. So far not one person can get the same copy the supreme court used to rule on Obama care. They have purposely deleted links to information and have made it so confused nobody can get to the bottom of anything. Just be warned, the provisions in other bills also required a RFID chip so remember that and realize that’s the end game. Everyone will get a RFID chip.

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