Did DHS Stage Boston Marathon Bombing?

Did DHS Stage Boston Marathon Bombing? Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek
First of all, my heart goes out to Boston. I’m sorry that a sporting event was struck by terror. I’m sorry for the families. Marathon is a celebration of the defeat of tyranny. The best thing I can do as a leader for the people of Boston is to execute a real investigation and achieve justice for the victims by persecuting the real criminals. Hence, the title.

On a bus with blacked-out windows on Battery Street
Joe Gratz / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

The question sounds crazy, but did you know that eyewitnesses at the Boston Marathon confirmed that authorities announced a “drill” before the bomb explosions? Furthermore, did you also know that prior to the bombings that bomb sniffing dogs were already at the finish line? Did you also know that prior to the bombings authorities repeatedly announced over loud speakers “that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about”? In fact, when a reporter asked Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick about the announcements of the drill to the crowd at a press conference he was summarily ignored.

These are facts. FACTS. Facts are stubborn things.

Question: Why were the police in Boston telling the people to be calm BEFORE the bomb went off?

Question: What are the statistical odds that police will be running a drill at the same exact location and at the same time for the same terrorist attack when it actually occurs?

Question: Why is the mainstream media so ready to blame this bombing on “homegrown” terrorists rather than doing real journalism and asking about this drill?

Question: Why did this take place while the market is crashing?

So, here is what I have so far. If the government was running a bomb drill in Boston at the exact location and time of the terrorist attack, then

(a) they did it,

(b) they let it happen knowingly, or

(c) they tried to stop it and proved themselves complete FAILURES again as on 9/11.


So while I’m deeply sorry for the Boston victims, because I know the government was probably running this bombing from start to finish, I’m waiting to see how Obama will stand on their graves to advance his political agenda. Obama says he’s going to get to the bottom of this, so he should start with investigating DHS and everyone involved with the bomb drill that apparently went live.

You want to know the real truth? Yes, you can handle it. The real truth is this. Homegrown terrorism is another name for government staged terrorism.

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