Obamas Secret Trade Deal TPP

Obamas Secret Trade Deal TPP

Secret free trade deals are being planned throughout the world.
The United states is secretly working with 8 pacific countries on a trade deal called the TPP.
Malaysia and Vietnam are said to benefit the most from the TPP trade deal.
This trade scheme has nothing to do with trade but, control. It would allow foreign corporations to over ride any countries laws.
This trade deal will open up to any country who wants to join, and will be the end game for global governance, resulting in the new world order.

Just like NAFTA, you will hear the sucking sound of more jobs leaving America.

Currently the Obama administration is working on legislation which would make the senate irrelevant in making amendments to any trade deals. In affect, this would allow Obama to make trade deals without any input or legislation from the senate. The main stream news remains silent on this issue.
In other words, Obama would make trade deals without congress having any input. With Obama having complete control
over any trade deals. This would also allow any following presidents to make trade deals without any over site by congress.
The Dictatorship is here.

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