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June 30, 2012

Cost of ObamaCare: Obama Care Cost

CBO ObamaCare Costs for Premiums
Click Here Obama Care Looks Like It IS More Expensive Then They Say
Bronze plan is suppose to cost the lease. Bronze Premium plan for 2016 $4,500 to $5,000 dollars for a single person, but over all it says $5,800 dollars when all averages are counted. Bronze family plan is $12,000 dollars to $12,500 dollars. Premium prices will depend on age, average spending cost on healthcare in your area, and which plan they chose.
Bronze plan has a deductible of over $2,000 dollars which means you will have to pay that before the subsidy kicks in. The bronze plan is the cheapest plan. After you pay the deductible you will pay 40% of your healthcare costs. The highest deductible under the bronze plan is around $5,300 dollars, which it is not allowed to go over.

ACTUALLY Obama care cost is unknown. But expect to pay more than what they say. Where it starts getting expensive is when your single and make a decent wage. The states have to make exchanges then we will know the cost. It sure isn’t $70.00 as some people are saying, maybe if your just above the poverty level. Currently to have healthcare for 1 person the average is $2,800 dollars to $3,500 dollars a year.
According to the CBO the above premiums will cost much more. If Obama care costs only $70.00 a month, that’s only $840.00 a year for a lower income person. Which means somebody else will have to pay through higher taxes to pay the difference. When Obama said he was going to transform the nation, he meant it. Middle class Americans will be picking up the healthcare tab for poorer people and illegals who still use the emergency room for free service.
Americans will be paying Another cost by 2020, the federal government will decrease the amount of money it will give to the states to pay for the healthcare for low income people, who will have the medicaid option only. Currently healthcare is free to poor people in the United states through welfare. Obama care will still leave millions uninsured. Obama care is not free and you will still have to pay for procedures.

The state healthcare exchanges will be run by the very same healthcare insurance companies for profit. Only difference now is they are guaranteed money and patients because the government is forcing you to sign up with them. These healthcare insurance companies are guaranteed a monthly premium because the government made more people become customers which means these insurance companies will increase their premiums because their is no law to stop them. As long as people are forced to pay by threat of a penalty the insurance companies are guaranteed payment. Businesses will stop offering insurance and drop the millions who do have insurance through their job. It will be cheaper for a business to drop insurance to millions and pay the penalty. People will just go through their state healthcare exchange instead, which is run by insurance companies for profit. The Obama care penalty cost will be $695.00 or 2.5% of your yearly pay whichever one is greater.

Doctor and patient in City Hospital Tuberculosis Division, 1927
Seattle Municipal Archives / Foter

Commonsense tells you there will not be enough money for Obama care when a premium costs $3000 dollars a year and your only paying $840.00 a year into the premium if you were only paying $70.00 a month. Remember this the current CBO report says it will increase the deficit. That’s from the most current CBO report.

In 1965 politicians said Medicare would cost only 9 billion dollars by 1990, the actual cost was 66 billion dollars. Be prepared to have bad healthcare limited care and, rationed care.

More information on Obama Care
How much will Obama care cost each individual?
Obama Care Approves RFID Chips
Obama Care Penalty Is Higher Than $695.00
Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

June 30, 2012

Who Wrote Obama Care

Obama care was written by a few departments in Government and healthcare insurance companies. It was backed by the banks, Pharmaceutical company’s and Insurance companies, AARP.

Insurance Companies write Obama care bill Evil Liz Fowler

Face of the Tea Party Movement 6
theqspeaks / Foter

HR Bill 3962 came about from previous bills revised which related to healthcare. House Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce and, Ways and means committee. What these departments are doing writing healthcare bills is strange. The people behind Obama care were Nancy Pelosi Democrat California who has become very rich since her political career to the tune of a few hundred million dollars. Robert Andrews Democrat New Jersey, George Miller Democrat California, Frank Pallone Democrat New Jersey, Charles Rangel Democrat New York, Fortney Stark Democrat California, Henry Waxman Democrat California. The big daddy was John Dingell Democrat Michigan and czar of Obama care Liz Fowler has more than 20 years of experience in health services research and health policy. She served as vice president of public policy and external affairs for WellPoint, Inc. a healthcare company.

Obama care was written to take control of the economy and control people as John Dingell said. The goal is to make it universal and in the near future and to make it easily integrate world wide for when global government takes over as in new world order.

If this don’t make your blood boil, Democrat John Dingell Michigan say’s Obama care is to control the people

Another part of Obama care Obama Care Approves RFID Chips is something the banks want done kin the near future.

June 30, 2012

The Story Of Stuff

The story of stuff backed by the TIDES foundation Which is a George Soros group. They are not patriotic groups.

The story of stuff is a propaganda film made by a left wing extremist who was part of Greenpeace and, is by no way independent. I expect the video to be stopped on this website because liberals do not like or agree to other views. She could be doing better things with her time like alarming people to the fluoride that is put in your water which isn’t safe. Or the dangers of vaccinations. These people need to leave the kids alone.

June 30, 2012

Obama Care Will Never Be Repealed

Obama care will never be repealed and the powers in charge know this.

1. Obama and Democrats pushed the bill as a non tax.
2. Those Democrats who were voted out in 2010 probably would had voted different it had been called a tax
3. The news reports conflicting facts about Obama care to keep the people confused
4. The news nor Republicans ever said it was a tax
5. Congress has the only power to tax
6. Democrats and Republicans knew it would be upheld on the grounds as it being a tax and, said nothing
7. The news and Republicans said it would be based on the commerce clause by the supreme court
8. Again nobody ever said tax
9. Both Democrats and Republicans can put the blame on the supreme court for Obama care when practical
10. Obama care was sold to the people by lies and deceit
11. First thing Democrats said to the supreme court was – its a tax
12. Romney can not get repeal Obama care because its a law
13. It would take Republicans to win the Senate, keep control of the House and for Romney to win to repeal Obama Care
14. As soon as IRS was written in the bill for all to see, it was obvious it was a tax
15. If states don’t plan their exchanges in time, the federal government will do it for them
16. One of the many ways Penalty’s will be taken will come out of your paycheck by the business you work for, who then sends the money to the IRS but ultimately the penalty funds go to the federal reserve a private banking cartel.
17. The healthcare bill was known to be written by known socialists when American socialists released names of congressional Democrats in their ranks.
18. This healthcare bill is about the control of the American people
19. The most important reason Obama care wont be repealed Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

John Dingell Democrat Michigan admits its about taking over control of the American people.

June 30, 2012

Obama Care Costs To Businesses

Obama Care will cost businesses.
Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are exempt from having to provide health insurance. But their is a program set up for these businesses, their may be a time limit, I’m not sure on this part.
Each business has different penalties and requirement determined by how many employees they have and, the coverage they offer.

SS&SS / Foter

Automatic enrollment- Employers with more than 200 employees are required to enroll new employees in their health care plan, subject to any waiting period. Employers must provide notice of employees’ right to opt out of automatic enrollment. Notice of coverage options: Employers must give employees notice about the availability of an insurance exchange.

Penalty for not providing insurance with over 50 employees that do not provide insurance must pay a penalty of $2,000 for every employee in the company if even one employee opts to obtain insurance through an exchange. However, the first 30 employees are not counted in calculation of the penalty. Example: an employer with 85 employees would pay the penalty for 55 workers, or $110,000 55 x $2.000.

Penalty for providing insurance that is “too expensive” I believe this is over 9.5% of monthly income which means if it cost the employee over this amount they can get a subsidy. Employers with more than 50 employees that do provide insurance must pay a penalty if any of their employees obtain a subsidy to help pay for insurance. The penalty equals $3,000 per worker who uses the subsidy OR $750 for every employee at the company, whichever is less.
Read Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

June 30, 2012

How Much Will Obama Care Cost Each Individual?

Obama care will not 1% of your income in 2014. Obama care cost is not known for each individual because the states haven’t made their healthcare exchange showing the cost. The 1% people are saying is the cost of Obama care is not the healthcare cost. Actually it’s the penalty they are claiming is the cost of Obama care and, the news like Fox news, is promoting this which tells me the main stream news is trying to keep people confused on the true costs.

Tracy O / Foter

Fox news reported this as your cost for Obama care
In 2014 you will pay 1% of your income towards Obama care
In 2015 you will pay 2% of your income or a $325.00 penalty
In 2016 you will pay 2.5% of your income or $695.00 penalty

The above is actually the penalty cost if you don’t sign up for Obama care. They seem to purposely leave out this part.
In 2014 you will pay 1% of your income towards Obama care as a penalty
In 2015 you will pay 2% of your income or a $325.00 penalty or which ever one is greater
In 2016 you will pay 2.5% of your income or $695.00 penalty or which ever one is greater

As you see this is the penalty for not signing up. States will determine cost per person for healthcare because the States have to set up the exchanges which tell you what you will pay for healthcare. If Obama care had set costs for healthcare it would be shown to the public by the Obama care bill. But it doesn’t because, the states decide what you will pay. You will not know the cost once you see the exchange your state makes. Don’t be dumb and, wake up, stop believing what the main stream news say’s.

Average cost per premium for a single person is $3,000 dollars a year, or $250.00 a month. Usually the company you work for pays a portion of this and you pay the difference. Are you that gullible to think if you make $36,000 dollars a year 1% of this will pay for your healthcare insurance. 1% of $36,000 dollars is $360 dollars. What this means is someone has to make up the difference of the average premium costing $3,000 dollars a year. $3,000 dollars minus $360 dollars is $2,640 dollars. Someone must pay for this $2,640 dollars.

There is no mandate to stop premiums from going up, meaning insurance companies can raise the cost for premiums which they will do. Why will they raise the premiums? because the Government signed you on to it and, the government will subsidize the insurance companies by your taxes. That’s why Obama care is a tax. How much will Obama care cost each individual is yet to be seen, but, be sure to know the cost to you will go up. In 2016 the penalty goes up to 2.5% of your yearly income or $695.00 which ever one is greater.

The reason Obama raised taxes in certain areas is to fund Obama care with subsidies but, these subsidies are for only poor people. They want each state to expand Medicaid to get more people under medicaid and make more people go under Obama care. Subsidies will end for families who make $50,000 dollars a year or more. Meaning the federal government will not include people who make over $50,000 dollars a year with any subsidies who are in a state healthcare exchange.

Another over looked problem. If you work for a company who offers healthcare and you decide to get married and your new wife has insurance under a state exchange insurance program, she will no longer be allowed to get subsidized insurance from the state, she will be kicked off of it. Which means she will have to pay for health insurance herself which is more expensive or go under her husbands insurance which will increase his premium.

Obama Care expands Medicaid, medical care for the poor, to everyone under the Medicare age of 65 who has income less than 133% the federal poverty level. States must pay this medicaid to all these new people who will fall under Obama care. But, federal government promises to reimburse costs of newly eligible patients under this program 100% until 2016 then they will pay 90%. States will need to come up with an additional 10% of cost at this time.
Read Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

Who Wrote Obama Care

Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

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