Americans Power Shown Bearing Arms

Americans Power Shown Bearing Arms

July 10, 2012

The 2nd amendment was made to protect you, the American citizen. You wonder why the united Nations wants a gun ban world wide. America is the last bastion to be taken over. Even though America has lost many freedoms and, rights over the last 22 years, you can get them back. For now. New York bands guns, sorry that is unconstitutional and, not a real law. Just because a law is made does not make it constitutional. During the occupy movement for good or bad does not matter. It is your right to protest in the United States because the people are the government. Now, if those NY police had to deal with what is in the video do you think they would had beaten people? NO, they would had backed down. Those protesters were made out to be pigs and communists. Fine let them protest, doesn’t mean they will get what they want. But most of all let the law of the land live so the people can say what they want without being beaten. That means the right to bear arms. Our for fathers were not fools like the politicians we have in charge today. The politicians today hate our for fathers because they know what tyranny is – government.

The guy in the military fatigues was called every word in the book to make him look bad. After this video he was running for a government position and his whole family was murdered.


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