Central Banks

Central Banks

June 27, 2012

Central banks do control the Government, just look at the Federal Reserve. Before Libya was taken over and, before Qaddafi was killed they had already set up a secret central bank in Libya. Who is the backers and owners of the Libyan central bank? the same international bankers who own most of the central banks world wide. Just as Congressman Louis Mcfadden said of the federal reserve becoming a superstate we see the international bankers taking over each country one by one. He who controls the money has the only real power, unless the people take it from them. We do indeed have a superstate, today it’s called the New World Order. This New World Order is run by the bankers but, the real force behind the banks is a secretive small group of men.
In most cities the tallest building will be the banks, this is done on purpose to show you who the boss really is.

As Europe goes up in flames as prepared by the international bankers, you will see European countries lose more sovereignty. The European central bank will have most of the power of each member of the European Union. Europe lives on a false pretense that they are free. Europe doesn’t even elect the leader of the European union. It’s decided by unknowns in the European Parliament. Italy hasn’t an elected President they have an appointed technocrat who is a X banker, his name is Monti. Yes Italy has an appointed leader who is a bankster. Dumb Americans need to read and listen more, then decide what to think.

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