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Chinese Teen Kills 8 Wounds 5 In Knife Attack

August 2, 2012

Teen kills 8 , wounds 5 in China knife attack
Fox news
chinese teen kills 8 in knife attack
A Chinese teenager has killed eight people and wounded another five in a knife attack in the country’s northeast.

The official Xinhua News Agency said the attack took place Wednesday night in Liaoning province.

China Launches Carbon Trading Scheme

August 2, 2012

Carbon credit program launched in Shanghai

Xie Yu
Shanghai municipal government issued guidelines for a pilot carbon trade market that will allow companies to buy and sell carbon credits.

Winds of misfortune took them away
aurelio.asiain / Foter

The guidelines, which were posted on the government website on Tuesday, said the program will have a trial period from 2013 to 2015. About 200 firms from industries such as steel, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals and power, plus non-industrial fields, such as airlines, ports, airports and hotels, will join the program.

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China announces plans for 2013 Moon landing

August 1, 2012

China announces plans for 2013 Moon landing

David Szondy

The Chinese news agency Xinhua announced on July 31, 2012, that China will be sending its first unmanned lander to the Moon in the second half of 2013. Chang’e-3 will be the third lunar probe launched by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the first attempt at a landing.

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China Labor Costs Compatible To US 4 Years

July 29, 2012

China Labor Costs Compatible To US 4 Years
Rapid wage increases are threatening China’s competitiveness, but improved productivity and other advantages mean it will continue to attract investors, analysts say.

Labour costs in China would match those of the United States within four years, catching up with eurozone countries in five years and with Japan in seven, the French bank Natixis forecast in a study last month.

China “will soon no longer be a competitive place for production given the strong rise in the cost of production”, the bank said.

It is a view backed by the respected Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which said in a study last August that by around 2015 manufacturing in some parts of the United States would be “just as economical as manufacturing in China”.

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13 Year Old Chinese Boy Has Air Hose Shoved Up Anus

July 13, 2012

13-year-old boy suffers horrific assault in China
By Vanessa Ko, for CNN

A 13-year-old boy is under intensive care in Beijing after two adults assaulted him
They released compressed air into his body using a mechanical pump at car repair shop
The boy suffered from dozens of puncture wounds in his intestines and multiple organ failure
He has a serious infection that is causing necrosis on his nose and cheek

No Free Air For You
wayne’s eye view / Foter

Hong Kong (CNN) — A 13-year-old boy is in intensive care in Beijing after two adults assaulted him by releasing compressed air into his body using a mechanical pump at an automobile repair shop.

Chinese media reported that the boy, Du Chuanwang, who lives in Shandong Province on China’s east coast, suffered from dozens of puncture wounds in his intestines and multiple organ failure.

The boy helped out at the auto repair shop, where two co-workers allegedly inserted the nozzle of an air pump into his anus and filled his body with air. The suspects have been detained.

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Chinese News Supports Agenda 21

July 13, 2012

Building eco-civilization

By Zhang Xinsheng

Building eco-civilization

In the inevitable transition to a global green economy, emerging economies should have greater say in decision-making

Chinese News Supports Agenda 21

In the past 20 years, though global achievements have been made in the provision of healthcare, education and the alleviation of poverty, the progress has been very slow in terms of the goals set by the Rio Summit in 1992. And the world has been facing increased eco-security, climate change, biodiversity and sustainable development challenges since then.

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Agenda 21

China’s Ghost Cities Brilliant

June 27, 2012

China’s bold move on ghost cities is actually brilliant. Do you have any concept of what commodities go into a city? First you must get a grasp on the Population of China. The population is more like 1.5 billion. All trends point to people moving to cities, this is proven factual in China. As China wages rise and the price of good increase, it was only logical to build cities in China. Even though not many people are living in those cities at present the cost and saving will out weigh the wait.


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