‘You’ Been Warned

You Been Warned

July 24, 2012

Global Governance is coming if you like it or not. It will not be utopia as they say. You will become a slave. I advise each and everyone of you to TAKE the time and watch. You will then see how it all fits together.

new world order roman empire european union

The map shown is what use to be part of the roman empire. Any wonder why over the last 3 years they been toppling each countries government in this area? Because these areas will come under the new Roman empire. Everyone of these countries had a new central bank in place. He who controls the money controls the country.

Below will reveal some historical and fascinating debate as to what is coming. Don’t be dumb take the time to watch and maybe you will wake up as to what is happening around you.

14 years of study until her death, she shows you how the central banks are taking over.

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