Why Obama Care Is Evil

Why Obama Care Is Evil

July 1, 2012

When Obama care was first approved I didn’t think It was evil. After 2 years reading all I could on Obama Care I realized in early 2012 it was bad. After the supreme court ruled on Obama care I knew it was evil.
You cant rely on any study from the CBO. After looking into the CBO it was proven they are never correct at all, not even close. The CBO report on Obama care is all assumptions and trickery and what if’s. Anyone who says the CBO says Obama care does this or that should be reminded the CBO is always wrong.

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It was obvious Obama care was evil when the first words out of their mouths at the supreme court was “it’s a tax”. Obama care was sold to the public as a non tax. Even Democrat politicians said it wasn’t a tax. They all lied to our faces and, made fools of us. Republicans knew dam well Obama care was a tax, later about them.

Just imagine if Obama care was voted in as a healthcare tax. Many more Democrats would had been voted out in 2010. Democrats had to rush the Obama care bill in as fast as they could because they knew they were going to lose more seats in 2010 because of Obama care. They were very aware if they didn’t get Obama care in before the 2010 vote they would never have another chance.

Republicans sat back and made rhetoric and deflected from the fact Obama care was a tax. It was there for everyone to see. IRS was written into Obama care. IRS collects taxes for the federal reserve. Obama care + IRS = TAX. The main stream news hailed Obama care as the savior to the world without knowing any fact about Obama care.

You cant find any fact about Obama care because every statistic is countered with another statistic. We do know what some of the penalties are. By 2016 your penalty will be $695.00 or 2.5% of your yearly pay which ever is greater. Some say their is a top penalty allowed which they cant go over. We cant say for sure what the full penalty amount will be because it depends on your income.

We cant say what your premium will be because the states haven’t made exchanges or shown what the premiums will be.
We do know Medicaid will be expanded under Obama care to include more people below the poverty level and, above the poverty level. We do know the premiums cost will be determined by age, cost of healthcare in your area and, which healthcare plan you buy. New York currently has the highest medicaid cost in the nation so we expect them to have a higher cost. States who increase in population will bear a fuller burden under Obama care. Texas medicaid will increase tremendously. CATO institute states that states like Texas will have to either A. Increase taxes B. Make cuts in other departments like Education.

Obama care was written by the health insurance companies and, Pharmaceutical companies spent hundred of millions promoting Obama care, evil don’t you think. The very same for profit healthcare insurance companies will run the state healthcare exchanges.

Premiums will go up because their is no law to stop them from raising premiums. Their is no real competition but a fake competition to lower costs to fool the ignorant public. The government is guaranteeing the insurance companies patients and monthly premiums. Same as they do with education through Pell grants and guaranteed government loans. Even Joe Biden said “it’s governments fault for high college costs”. The people been stupid again.

Obama care is nothing but forced government onto the people. It takes wealth from the producers and gives to those who do nothing but consume dependency. This is a socialist agenda to the max and in no way represents capitalism. It’s fake pretend capitalism. It breeds more dependent people on the government on the backs of the middle class. These dependent people are the army of the left wing socialists who will keep voting in these destructive people. This is an assault on the middle class. Their is no possible way they will have the money to cover all these people, this is another politician trick and the destruction of the middle class sooner than later. Democrats are making a two class system the USA Rich and poor, their is no room for middle class in communism or socialists ideas, which is what Obama care is. Want to know who Obamas Real Mom is?

And for all you foolish left wing right wing who say my side isn’t evil this might surprise you. Obama Care Approves RFID Chips look it up yourself, it’s no secret they plan this. This is the beginning of true evil slavery.

The estimate for people not having healthcare it adds $200.00 per premium per year. Then why is their a tax penalty of over 400% and more for not having forced healthcare.


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