Obama’s Real Father

Obama’s Real Father

June 28, 2012

Obama’s real father is not the Kenyan you were tricked into believing. The elite, including the elite new world order controlled news pulled a fast one over the American People. Obama’s real father is a American Communist name Frank Marshall Davis. When Obama was a young boy around the age of 13 his mother left him in Hawaii with her parents. She instructed her parents to take young Obama to Frank Marshall Davis house a few times a week which they did. Obama in his speeches quotes almost word for word and in some cases word for word his real communists father words.

1. Obama’s real place of birth became a issue to keep people off the trail of who his real father is.
2. The photos in the video are of Obama’s mother taken by Frank Marshall Davis Communist.
3. I watched the film and it leaves no doubt to who Obama’s real father is.


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