Samsung TV’s Spying You Might Be Surprised

Samsung TV’s Spying You Might Be Surprised

July 19, 2012

Samsung Responds to TV Spying Concerns

Josh Kirschner

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Recently we published an article, Is your TV Watching you? Latest Models Raise Concerns, that questioned whether the integrated cameras and microphones in Samsung’s top end 2012 LED and plasma models create risks that could be exploited by hackers to steal your personal information and even spy on you in the privacy of your living room.

HD Guru is reporting that Samsung has finally released an official comment, along with an updated privacy policy. The response published by HD Guru says:

Samsung takes all concerns regarding consumer privacy and information security very seriously. In all of our Smart TVs, including our new 2012 LED and Plasma TVs featuring built-in camera and microphone components, Samsung employs industry-standard security safeguards and practices (including data encryption) to secure consumers’ personal information and prevent its unauthorized collection or use.

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