Obama Care Mandate Struck Down

Obama Care Mandate Struck Down

June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court under the Constitution’s Commerce Clause struck down Obama Care. The individual mandate was upheld resting upon a different legal basis, Congress’ power to tax. If it’s not mandated by the commerce clause it cant have a penalty. On the other hand since it’s a tax the IRS takes over. Don’t pay your healthcare tax, be prepared to have your home taken, just kidding. What the IRS can do is take you to court and charge you double the tax you owe on Obama care. Their ultimate goal is to make laws to where they can steal your property through agenda 21. That’s what the new world order wants. Your Obama Care taxes go to federal reserve because if the IRS is collecting the tax penalty it goes to the federal reserve. Just like your gasoline tax money is going to the IMF. Yes! to the IMF read this and, your head will explode Mitch Daniels and The Indiana Toll Road

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This means the Senate needs to be rid of the socialists in the fall of 2012.

Obama said to the middle class you will not see your taxes increase one dime. The man is a liar, everything he say’s is a lie. I’m afraid if Obama is re-elected you will see his socialist agenda come out like a buzz saw.

Currently we see carbon tax trading going into affect in some states which means higher energy prices, higher food prices and, just higher prices overall.

Remember anything government touches ends up costing 10 times the cost, like medicare. Every program the government creates expands, just like your Obama care healthcare tax.


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