The New Economy

The New Economy

June 27, 2012

Visions of the new economy are seen today. The new economy is part of the new world order. Created and run by international bankers. Central banks will control most of the worlds new economy as planned. The new economy is a world economy made up of slaves. The World Bank states the middle class is made up by definition of, being able to spend $2.00 to $20.00 dollars a day. Elites love to put out numbers to show how counties are doing great under the global economy but, is this true? if you go by the World Banks standard the answer would be yes.

You see reports like this “The GDP of Indonesia is $3,500 dollars”. GDP is not a measure of personal income. Let’s just get to facts. Indonesia is reported to have a poverty rate of 13.33% versus Germany’s poverty rate of 15.5% as of January 1 2011 report. Indonesia has a population of around 240 million people. Another fact states poverty rates fallen 12.5% in 2011, The article didn’t state the poverty rate was 12.5%, some might get the impression the poverty rate fell from a higher poverty rate which, means things are great. Fallen 12.5% from what poverty rate? the 13.33% rate? if this is the case Indonesia would have a poverty rate of 0.83%. Each and every fact or, so called facts I could find, contradicted the other fact. So in essence, facts are not facts but, propaganda to promote how globalism as a savior to the poor and world.
1 million fewer poor Indonesians this year than last year states the Indonesian government.
Indonesia’s official poverty line of 233,740 rupiah per capita per month, is less than $28 US dollars a month. The average starting pay for a Finance manager is RP 22,000.00 a month, less than $28.00 USD per month per Kelly services.

The main Goal Of the new world economy is to bring down wages from the countries who pay higher wages. They want to take wages from lower paying countries and bring them up slightly but, still keep you poor. They will lower wages in the higher paying countries until they match worldwide. This will be a serfs wage. Only the elite will have the spending power, it will poor and elite that’s it. You will have No middle class because the middle class is harder to control. The middle class, when they join force have power through money when they act together. The new world order will not tolerate that. Only the elite will have cars. Most people will be forced off their land and live in so called smart cities which makes it easy for the new world order to control the people.

July 1st report states that only 12.5% of Indonesia’s population or, just over 30 million, can be classified as poor, down from 31 million in 2010. Another 38% are in borderline poverty, If they are making $29.00 USD a month they are not counted as poor or, in poverty. 1999 estimated 27% of the population had incomes below the poverty rate. In 10 years poverty has been cut in half. Remember Germany has a poverty rate of 15.5% in 2011 compared to Indonesia 13.33%. Poverty is determined on whatever formula a government chooses or a bank. If you can spend between $2.00 and $20.00 per day, according to the world bank, your not in poverty. $29.00 USD is not considered poor? can you see where the world elite is taking man kind.

Indonesia’s income per capita is now around $3,000. Another report says $3,500. So which is it? Hypermarkets and shopping malls continue to expand to cater to the millions of new entrants into the ranks of the country’s middle class. Middle class is making over $28.00 USD a month. You wont be buying a brand name product so easily. Besides imports will cost more. Another bogus lie from the elite. Only a few more people actually make more money as to where they can purchase, most of the purchasing is because these rich are getting richer along with their immediate families.
Another article points out “Ballooning domestic consumption, exports of raw materials including coal, tin, copper and palm oil, increasing rates of foreign investment and sound macroeconomic policy have Indonesia’s economy on its best footing since the heady days of the early 1990s. But another kind of history might repeat itself too, brought on by a new generation of poor Indonesians who see themselves left out of the party”. As you see, the article reports great things but, in the end admits their is a new generation of poor and, many left out in the wealth. I’m not promoting wealth distribution at all, just making a statement. Basically the above says certain groups are getting wealthier and more jobs are created which means more sales of products. It still does not change the fact they are still poor, even poor people purchase what they must have.

Consumption is a leading factor in Indonesia’s economy and consumption is being promoted as proof Indonesia is doing great, even for the poor. This is done by banks making lending easier for everyone, then they cut it off.
No matter where you live, the price of a brand name product is going to cost more. I have read articles claiming Indonesia is brand name crazy. If you make $28.00 a month you wont be buying a brand name product any time soon. They are including brand names that are not even international in their articles as, band name products. Brands should at least be sold on 2 continents or, known easily by name to most everyone, that includes franchises.
The banks allowed 5% down when purchasing a motorcycle or car, that includes scooters. They seen a increase of scooter sales and, car sales in Indonesia, before you had to put a greater down payment on cars and motorcycles. They now increased the down payment to 25% of the cost, because people were defaulting on the loans. Again, you see the banks enticing people with easy money for loans and, putting them in debt they cant pay back. They say you can measure a countries economy by watching scooter sales. It does not matter if was easy money and a very low down payment artificially made by banks. The new economy is low pay, longer hours or, no work. Globalists suck the money from the richer nations and redistribute it to poorer countries, not because they are generous. They want your slave labor. After that, they put you in debt. That’s the new economy debt. The West is tapped out, Asia is next. The global matrix of slavery is on the loose, extending it’s arms everywhere. They will control you by debt. Central banks are not what you think, their is something sinister behind them, it’s called the new world order.

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