States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive

States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive

July 22, 2012

States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive. Many states are wanting to put a GPS device on your car and tax you for every mile you drive. States claim they need more money to fix roads. People already pay a federal gasoline tax of over 18 cents per gallon of gas for road work and repair. Plus they have added many toll roads. With HR Bill 7 all states will have to have a plan to make roads toll accessible before they will be granted federal funds for roads. It also allows foreign companies to build and buy your roads and set up toll roads. If you understand agenda 21 you will see what they are actually doing. They are selling off infrastructure to companies including sewer and water plants and electric plants. Maybe some of you understand now, why your monthly costs on these items went up in price. under PPP private public partnerships they merge all three together to make a profit and split the profit amongst themselves. Example, if a city wants to put in new sewers they will find a company to invest in the sewer project. They will also find a group like the Sierra group to help make sure its a greener project. Also the state itself will invest. After the project is completed you go to your mail box and get your sewer bill and find out it does not cost $50.00 a month anymore but $120.00 a month. Those three groups who now control your local sewer make a profit and charge you more. You no longer can complain about service to your local government because they don’t own it anymore, or have any control, and you the people have no more control or, good service.

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