‘Free Trade Is A Lie’

Trans Pacific Partnership Corporate Escape From Accountability

July 2, 2012

Trans Pacific Partnership Corporate Escape From Accountability
By: Paul Craig Roberts

Information has been leaked about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is being negotiated in secret by US Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Six hundred corporate “advisors” are in on the know, but not Congress or the media. Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate trade subcommittee that has jurisdiction over the TPP, has not been permitted to see the text or to know the content.

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The TPP has been called a “one-percenter” power tool. The agreement essentially abolishes the accountability of foreign corporations to governments of countries with which they trade. Indeed, the agreement makes governments accountable to corporations for costs imposed by regulations, including health, safety and environmental regulations. The agreement gives corporations the right to make governments pay them for the cost of complying with the regulations of government. One wonders how long environmental, labor, and financial regulation can survive when the costs of compliance are imposed on the taxpayers of countries and not on the economic activity that results in spillover effects such as pollution.

Many will interpret the TPP as another big step toward the establishment of global government in the New World Order. However, what the TPP actually does is to remove corporations or the spillover effects of their activities from the reach of government. As the TPP does not transfer to corporations the power to govern countries, it is difficult to see how it leads to global government. The real result is global privilege of the corporate class as a class immune to government regulation.

One of the provisions allows corporations to avoid the courts and laws of countries by creating a private tribunal that corporations can use to sue governments for the costs of complying with regulation. Essentially, the laws of countries that apply to corporations are supplanted by decisions of a private tribunal of corporate lawyers.

The TPP is open to all countries. Currently, it is being negotiated between the US, Australia, Brunei, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile, and Peru. Australia, according to reports, has refused to submit to the private tribunal system.

What are we to make of the TPP? It is perhaps too early to have all the answers. However, I can offer some ways of thinking about it.

I doubt that the TPP is a New World Order takeover. If anything, the TPP reduces the scope of global government by exempting corporations from government control. Also, global government, unless it is government by the American Empire, is inconsistent with the neoconservatives insistence on US hegemony over the world. Powerful US ideological, private, and government interest groups have no intention of losing the power that they have acquired by being rolled into some New World Order unless the New World Order is a euphemism for American Empire.

In the criticisms of the TPP, much emphasis is placed on the costs that corporations of foreign members of the agreement can impose on the US. However, US corporations gain the same privileges over those countries, as the agreement gives every country’s corporations immunity to the other countries’ laws.

It could be the case that US corporations believe that their penetration of the other countries will greatly exceed the activities in the US of Brunei, New Zealand, Peru, et al. However, once Japan, Canada, China and others join TPP, the prospect of American firms getting more out of the agreement than foreign firms disappears, unless from the US perspective the definition of foreign firm includes US corporations that offshore the production of the goods and services that they market in the US. If this is the case, then US offshoring firms would be exempt not only from the laws and courts of foreign countries, but also exempt from the laws and courts of the US.

This point is possibly mute as the agreement requires all governments that are parties to the TPP to harmonize their laws so that the new corporate privileges are equally reflected in every country. To avoid discriminatory law against a country’s own corporations that do not engage in foreign trade, harmonization could mean that domestic corporations would be granted the same privileges as foreign investors. If not, domestic firms might acquire the privileges by setting up a foreign subsidiary consisting of an office.

As the TPP is clearly an agreement being pushed by US corporations, the implication is that US corporations see it as being to their relative advantage. However, it is unclear what this advantage is.

Alternatively, TPP is a strategy for securing exemption from regulation under the guise of being a trade agreement.

Another explanation, judging from the unusual collection of the initial parties to the agreement, is that the agreement is part of Washington’s strategy of encircling China with military bases, as the US has done to Russia. One would have thought that an agreement of such path-breaking nature would have begun with Japan, S. Korea, and Philippines. However, these countries are already part of China’s encirclement. Brunei, Singapore, New Zealand, and especially Vietnam would be valuable additions. Are the special privileges that Washington is offering these countries part of the bribe to become de facto outposts of American Empire?

Yet another explanation is that Ron Kirk is caught up in the deregulatory mindset that began with the repeal of Glass-Steagall and financial deregulation. If financial markets know best and are self-regulating, requiring no government interference, then so also are other markets and businesses.

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‘Free Trade Is A Lie’

June 25, 2012

Don’t be dumb America, free trade is a lie
By TJ Adams

NAFTA was signed in 1994. NAFTA is a trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and, United States Of America. NAFTA could had easily been stopped, Bill Clinton could had easily not signed the trade bill. But, as I told you before, Democrats and Republicans are the same. You would be dumb to think they are not working for the same goal. What is that goal? World Government also known as the new world order, NAFTA is the prelude for a more sinister goal which is a North American Union. Which was the prelude to a new order. Same as the European common market.

700,000 American jobs were lost under NAFTA since 1994. Before NAFTA the USA had a 1.6 billion surplus in trade to Mexico. In 2010 Mexico had a surplus of 97.2 billion dollars. What this means is Mexico is exporting more products to the USA then what the USA exports to Mexico. Basically America is exporting its dollars to Mexico, what this means is that the American worker is distributing wealth to Mexico. Who is getting rich in Mexico with all these US dollars? it’s not the average working Mexican but, the companies from around the world who set up factories in Mexico. Those already rich in Mexico are getting richer, the average Mexican people stay the same “poor” or worse.

These trade deals are not capitalistic, they are in fact socialistic, they transfer wealth by regulation and, not competition. Your tax dollars helped GM build factories in Mexico through the stimulus package, that’s not capitalism. Capitalism doesn’t exploit workers, Government polices do. Tariffs were one of the major resources for governments to raise money to pay for Armies/security and infrastructure. Now where do you expect that money to come from? Rising taxes is the end game. Free trade exploits workers and makes unfair trade. Globalism is fascism in disguise.

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The American people are dumb to believe that trade deals make prices lower and create jobs. Haven’t you noticed your paycheck is less and, inflation is making prices higher anyway. Haven’t you noticed unemployment is at its highest and longest on record and, you still believe in Obama, who said he wants to “spread the wealth around”. To understand what he meant by spread the wealth around you must know Obama’s Real Father He didn’t mean spread the wealth around in the United States, he meant from rich countries to poorer countries. The elites have planned on spreading the wealth around many many years ago. Yes this was all planned, it just took many years of infiltration and policy changes to get this moving. They, the elites write about it in books they print. It is no secret what they are doing or, plan. Because the main stream news didn’t tell you about this, does it make it not true? The main stream news is dumb, they repeat and regurgitate what they are told and, straight out lie to the American people. Free trade has has caused nothing but hardship to millions of people from around the globe. Globalization has made a 2 class system, rich and poor, their is no middle class, communist and socialist countries do not have a middle class only rich elites and, the poor. From China to Singapore to the United States they discuss the widening income between rich and poor.

Another trade deal was signed under Obama KORUS FTA. It’s already proven to be a disaster, South Korea’s exports have increased overwhelmingly compared to American exports to South Korea. Again, South Korea has higher tariffs on American products then America has on South Korean products. WHY? because it gives South Korea an advantage and, distributes wealth from America to South Korean companies and, international companies located in South Korea. True, American exports have increased every year since 2000 but, the trade imbalance is not sustainable and, will only get worse as every American becomes poorer in the name of free trade. What can you do about it? you already did something, you caused it by voting in dumb people who are working for someone else but the American people. Your main stream news did not do their homework nor you. Do you even bother to get your Representative you plan to vote for on record saying they will not vote for these treacherous trade deals which is rushing in global government and, destroying sovereignty. I’m sure you heard it before, if it wasn’t for globalization the current global recession wouldn’t be so bad because we are interconnected. How dumb can you be not to see that a global government is coming. The new global government will make us all serfs, where the elite rule by an authoritative police state.

Free trade is a lie and, does not work, it brings more pain to come, this is just the beginning.


Democrat Fake Concern.

Colombia and Panama have had duty-free access to the United States for most of their goods under long-time U.S. trade preference programs. The U.S. trade deal levels the playing field by eliminating most of the duties those countries now impose on American farm and manufacturing goods.

NOTE: Columbia and Panama already pay no duties on products that come into the US. So why were Democrats against the trade deal which would increase US exports to those two countries? Because its good for politics and, dumb Americans think Democrats are for the workers in the US, that’s laughable, Democrats and Republicans are the same two demons.

Manufacturers such as Boeing and Caterpillar were strong advocates of all three agreements, and U.S. wheat, corn, soybean, pork and beef producers also collectively expect billions of dollars of new sales under the accords.

House Democrats voted against the Colombia agreement 158-31 and the Panama pact 123-66. Many Democrats believe Colombia has not done enough to stop killings of trade unionists and to prosecute those responsible for the crimes.

Korea US trade deal update

- The U.S. trade deficit in goods with South Korea tripled during the first full month the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement was in force

- The U.S. goods trade deficit with South Korea grew to $1.8 billion in April, with imports totaling roughly $5.5 billion compared to exports of $3.7 billion. That was a larger bilateral deficit than the $0.6 billion recorded in March, where imports totaled $4.8 billion and exports were $4.2 billion.

- In April 2011, the U.S. goods deficit with Korea was $1 billion.
- Auto imports from South Korea increased while U.S. exports stayed the same. Again, from Inside US Trade,
- While U.S. exports of autos and auto parts stayed the same over both months at roughly $100 million, imports from Korea rose to $1.76 billion in April from $1.56 billion the previous month.

Again, your dumb American government is selling you out with propaganda coming from the main stream news and lies.

Free trade is a lie that has been sold as a savior to the world. Just as the federal reserve was sold to Americans on a lie. Federal reserve is A private company, you been lied to again. You will find the federal reserve in the yellow book pages of the phone book under businesses as in private businesses.


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